The power of worrying.

There isn’t one word to describe my past week. It has been the most usual, busy, inconsistent week of all.

I’m so sleep deprived IT IS UNREAL! I’ve been walking around like a lifeless zombie- trying to pour fruit tea… as always!

Lost in my thoughts, unable to eat with enjoyment or sleep properly (what an adventure). and its bizarre how all of a sudden this change occurred.

My head is is like a spiral, spinning in 10 thousand directions at once.  Worrying with tons of anxiety. Why is it we think too much about the future? Whatever will be will be. Sometimes we cannot control the future or what we are going to be doing in 20 years time from now or what sex children we will have or whether our partner will be hotter than Ryan Gosling or Mila Kunis. We cannot control environmental issues or what people do with their own lives. It is not worth worrying about all the little things that may be possible to happen to the extent that you are constantly flustered. And I can tell you I have been there and done that. Although, I am only 18 years old, I could’ve had a whole lifetime of worries in approximately 1 and a half years. Not cool. But what YOU can do is control what you do. Your actions. How you would like to live your life. And how you want to be seen as an influence.

Be unique and be wise. You only have yourself to control your hopes and dreams. Don’t let others flatten you and certainty do not let the power of your mind control it for you.

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