Why I went vegan? 

So its a long story and this probably going to open more doors for questions which I feel ready and happy to answer them.

So I went vegan for a few reasons. Firstly for the environment and massively for the animals. Since a young girl, I have always thought it was strange to eat animals. Like we eat animals?  Almost like we are eating another humans!! This is how my brain decided to interpret these thoughts when I was a child. So I’ve kinda grown up being confused and intrigued. But now I am at an age and point in my life I feel I can make my own choices and decide what is right and wrong and what is best for me and my future. Its just not right in my opinion, but no I really don’t hate you if you are not vegan or vegetarian. Its your choice and you can make whatever decision you feel is right for you.

Secondly, after years of destroying my body, I wanted and needed to begin to put the purest and best ingredients into my body and start to look after myself so I also went vegan before I was struggling with my eating disorder not so long ago. I was beginning to cut out everything until I became very poorly. After a long while I realised I needed to get better and I was the only person who can do that. You have to be sick and tired of being sick. With the help and support of many people I am now recovering a lot better.  So I decided to become a healthy vegan, eating a balanced diet. And I cant say enough how being vegan whilst struggling with anorexia has helped me incredibly and has been the biggest motivation to recover just knowing I am putting the best and purest ingredients into my body and knowing I will not be harming animals and using animal products.

A massive thank you to my two best friends Caitlin Hodges and Emily Barker as well as my family who came every step with me through my recovery and supported me so much. All the support has been incredible.


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