Favourite make up products at the moment:

Foundation > Flawless matte finish by Barry M in ivory.

This foundation is really good for my skin. I fond it very light (but a good coverage) and oil free which is great! It’s usually quite difficult to find a colour tone to match my skin but I found this one quite easily.
Concealer > Collection cover up stick in 13 // natural beige.

I don’t use concealer that much anymore but I usually put a small amount under my eyes to lighten my under eye area up or to fade blemishes.

Mascara > Collection, no clumps definition mascara.

The collection Mascara is brilliant; I find it incredible! It is so easy to apply without putting too much on and  it doesn’t doesn’t at all which I love (because nobody wasn’t clumps lol). This mascara is no relatively expensive either and it is sold in most make up store such as, Boots and Super drug.

Maybelline The Nudes palette >

This palette is a must have. I cannot get enough of it!! I use this eye shadow palette almost everyday. No matter what occasion I find I can use it for every type of event. Whether it being a casual look, a natural look, a night out or even a photoshoot.

I also use the darker brown as a bronzer/ contour as I really find it works so so well. ( it is tge perfect colour and easy to apply for a smooth finish) I have yet to find a good bronzer that I like so I have been using this in the meantime of finding one.

Lips > Nude lipliner in shafe Simply spice from Avon.

I am addicted to buying lip liners to find the shade I really like for a casual everyday look. I just love lipliners and the variety if colours you can get. i am frequently using this Avon lip liner in …. shade which give my lips a matte look and a great finish look. However I am yet to find a nice nude shape lip liner/ lipstick so if you know of any please give me your suggestions in the comments below.

Eyebrows >  Barry M brow kit (shape and define), Hi impact brows.

And save the best until last because the LOVE the ebrow feature. For my eyebrows I have been using the Barry M brow palette which is sold in most beauty shops. The Barry M brow palette is very good for natural brows as well as high defined eyebrows.

Firstly, I use the wax to outline my brows and very lightly I make my eye brows darker but following the natural shape of my brows and from the outline I have created with the brown wax.

Recently, I have ben given a sample of the “High impact brow” palette to try which is fab for  defining the brows and to get a sharp but natural finish. I love it!  I highly recommend either of these palettes for your brows. (@hiimpactbrows)

Barry M on the left, Hi impact brows on the right. Eyebrow brush from Revlon.

So that is the main make up products I am using at the moment, I sometimes use other products or buy new products so I will update a new post when I do 🙂 If you would like a make up tutorial of how I do my make up leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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