Over the rainbow // Don’t let people criticise you

Don’t let people criticise you. Why should people get away with it. Why do people think it is okay to put you down. Why can one person do it but and it seem acceptable but not for the other person to do it…

Throughout my past I have been criticised by so many people. Whether it being strangers, siblings or bullies. Either way it is still not okay. I used to think why me? What have I done to them? It struck me for so long until I thought maybe I was just faulty and blamable. It really broke me. I mean what righteousness was it. But I never did anything about it. Why? I was afraid. I was afraid of life. I didn’t know what life would do to me. Would it punish me in a way I would’ve frowned apon myself or someone close to me. 

So for many years I let myself get beaten up until it was kind of natural, I was used to it, you know. (Even tho it was horrible) I wasn’t shocked because I knew what it was like. I felt powerless. 

Over the past few years and still today in my recovery, I am learning to get my power back. Im not letting people get away with it (easier said than done and it does take courage) but no one should be criticised or judged in any way. It can be daunting, but you can do the same. Don’t let anyone tell you who you are or who you should be. Don’t let people put you down, flatten or crumble you to pieces. 

You are more than this and you deserve better. 

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