This Months Favourite Book – August

So I have been reading so many books over the summer (much more than usual). I tend to go on a book craze and go to the library at least 3 times a week and keep collecting new books. I then think its a good idea to start on all of the books  at the same time to get variety. But then thinking about it..  maybe that wasn’t such a good idea after all. Oops.

I have enjoyed so many books recently so its hard to choose just one but I have most certainly really enjoyed this particular book by Rachel kelly called ‘Walking On Sunshine’.

Starting off, this book, is so calming and such an easy type of book to read. I can pick it up whenever and put it down again and never forget where I left off because each page is a new topic. This makes it very easy to pick it up before leaving the house, reading a page or two on the bus or in-between appointments.

I like the way Rachel kelly writes because she uses interesting language which makes it so easy to empathise with what she is writing abound she also uses anecdotes to each topic in this book. This makes me interested in how other people find little steps into happiness. (Definitely something to follow if you are looking for little things to make you happier). I have moved forward to use some of the things that help Rachel to help me walk on sunshine too. If you lack a bit of motivation or just a bit of confidence in finding some little things that make you happy; I highly recommend this book for a great and exciting read as well as some helpful life topics.

Walking on sunshine by – Rachel Kelly

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