Tea Time Again: Teasenz Tea Review 

​So it’s that time of the year again when hot drinks and the fireplace are our favourite comforts.I have long been addicted to herbal teas and hot drinks all year round and this fall I have 3 new teas to try for you from @Teasenzshop.

The first and most wonderful tea is the ‘Forever Young Rose Flower’ tea which looks so pretty but tastes even more romantic. This tea smells like long summer days with the bright coloured flowers shooting from its beds but drinking this tea makes me feel like I have dreamily escaped into an enchanted forest. It is an amazing hot drink to have this fall especially as I feel connected to summer and it has passed so quickly but excitedly looking forward to winter 16. It has 2 seasons, 2 contrasts and 2 different memories in one drink. If you’re like me and you love summer but also love winter and want both seasons at once then this is the perfect tea for you!

So green tea has so many health benefits but most people don’t really like the taste of it? The next authentic tea ‘West Lake Dragon Well’, is beautifully smooth and refreshing. This tea is definetly going to change your mind if you don’t already favour the taste of ordinary green teas. And did you know you can cold brew it too? So it is perfect to have in the summer too.

The last tea is ‘Anxi Tie Guan Yin’, named after the chinese godess of Mercy Guanyin. It is such a delicate, peaceful tea and again tastes similar to green tea but not as powerful. It has a flowery scented aftertaste which tastes really warm, which is exactly what you need for this fall as the weather is gradually getting colder. It’s actually quite hard to explain but it is the most wonderful delicate oolong tea with a quirky twist.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my review and if you try any of these 3 chinese teas be sure to comment which one was your favourite 🙂 

R x

2 thoughts on “Tea Time Again: Teasenz Tea Review 

  1. The rose tea in the picture is actually real roses? I’ve seen rose tea before, but normally it’s like a black tea with some rose petals in it. I’m tempted to buy this for my wife, how is the aroma? Is it like super strong or mild? Thanks!


    1. Yes it’s real roses that are dried and slightly expand and become soft in water. Incredible right? Also the aroma is lovely! It isn’t too powerful but you can definetly get a rosy, flowery smell. You’re welcome, highly recommend!


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