September/ October favourites

This blog post has been hard to choose which has been this month’s favourite (everything seems to be my favourite). I have come to a conclusion of 4 things I have really loved this summer and used the most frequent.

First is a hand cream from Germany that I received from a friend who lives out there. Milla and I have been writting to each other and sending little gifts for a while now and in spring I recieved this hand cream. I have been using it since April but I have found myself to be using it like a billion times a day this month and it’s still lasted. It’s such a lovely hand cream; it makes my hands so incredibly soft and it is a perfect size for my handbag. I can’t really describe what it smells like other than a citrus rose smell which is so gorgeous.

Secondly, I have my brown coat I bought in Camden Town a few years ago. I bought it and didn’t wear it at all like seriously never wore it because I thought it would look silly because it’s long and I feel I’m not the tallest person sadly.  I leant it to my sister now and again and it was looked great on her.  I was a a little jealous. So one day I just thought f..k it and I decided that was going to be the day I was going to wear it. And I did. I taught myself that if I love something, I will wear it. I’m not going to suffer not wearing something I love because I’m not a perfect size or height. Ever since I have been practically living in it. Oops. It is just so easy to wear, to style, it’s warm but not too warm and I feel I could wear it with pretty much anything and everything and it still looks good. (I hope). After 2 years I’m glad I have and faced the fear of wearing it.

The next thing is, Mask of magnaminty had been a big part of my summer and still is now but I’m sadly running out. I love love love this face mask and I cannot get over how great it really is. This face mask is so refreshing and a grateful scrub for exfoliating, it smells super ethical and also leaves my face super gorgeous and nourished. After using this face scrub I realised it wasn’t vegan which I am left feeling a bit unfortunate that it isn’t vegan as it one of a few great face masks that I have tried. But for people who are not vegan I highly highly recommend. It is also vegetarian too.

My next favoutite face mask is Planet Spa- Hydratant visage. It is super hydrating (clue is in the name) and leave’s my face feeling like a baby’s bottom! I heard a lot about it so I tried it for myself and you all should too.  I bought it a while ago from Avon therefore I cannot find it online site anymore but I have found a link where you can buy it so be sure to check it out.

Finally, the last August – September favorite is definetly my recent bag I purchased. I began to get fed up of using my Kanken rucksack everyday (as much as I love it to pieces) I just needed a different style bag to use. So I reinvested in a black shoulder bag after my last one had worn out. I didn’t want anything big and wonderful or to spend huge amounts so whilst looking I found just what I was looking for in Primark that I really liked.  I love how pretty the front design is with the cut out pieces and the shape of the bag is perfect for books and usual things I carry. I love this bag so much because I’m suprised but happy how this bag goes with every outfit i’ve worn (so far) and it is so easy to carry. It’s comfortable on my shoulder and it is the perfect size. The only disadvantage to the bag is there isn’t a zip, it is just a metal popper which doesn’t garentee all my belongings will be 100% secure. But I still love it and for the price, you cannot complain.

Bag – Primark | Shoes – Primark | Dress- Forever 21

As you can tell it has been difficult to pick only 4 things that have been my favourite as I love bags, clothes and beauty products to some extent but I hope you have enjoyend finding out my top 4.

What were your top 4 things this past summer?

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