My Style Evolution 

Over the years my style has changed a lot and I always find myself wearing all sorts of different style clothes. I wouldn’t say I have 1 style but I do have a particular looks and aesthetics I usually go with.
So where to start.. suprisingly, I still remember wearing turtle neck jumpers with dungarees at the age of 7 and it’s strange to say that I still wear pretty much the same today. I remember my mum dressing me with frocks and such random odd bods which I look back and laugh at now.

From then I would wear simple clothes -basically anything I had in my wardobe- which consisted of wooly jumpers my nan knitted us every year, zipped cardigans to boot cut jeans. Oh I hated wearing boot cut jeans so much whilst everyone else had skinny jeans and I felt extremely left out. 

My style now..

Today I have such a varied style. Some days I will wear long tailored skirts with a blouse and pointed ballet flats, to days when I’ll wear a turtle neck; fishnet tights and chunky shoes.

From a child I have always been really interested in styling and today I love buying and styling even more. (Almost too much..) however to this day I have an a much more of a positive  approach that is so much better for my self-esteem. My thoughts have shifted so much. Years ago I was afraid to even step out of my house because I was worried that people thought bad of what I was wearing. I wouldn’t attempt to wear certain styles incase it made me look bigger than I actually was, I wouldn’t wear anything that I wasn’t used to incase of looking stupid or I wouldn’t wear bright colours to attract people looking at me. But now I don’t care what people think about what I wear. I wear what I like and I am proud it.

When I look for clothes I usually go with specific details that has lingered to my personality.

  • I am a minimalistic person so I always go with simple colours such as white, blacks, greys and nudes.
  • Simple but effective details; lace, embroidery, button detailing.
  • As for shapes; I go for such a diverse range. I couldn’t say which style I like best because sometimes I like to wear baggy clothes and other times I like to wear more tight fitting clothes.

What’s your story of style? I would love to know.

R x

2 thoughts on “My Style Evolution 

  1. Rebecca you are such a wonderful person and it really is an honour to be able to have you as a life long friend, you are an insperation to others and you have been so good for me and always been there whenever I needed a helping hand and when I needed a pick me up when feeling a little low as we all sometimes do, Becks you always look lovely in whatever you are wearing but its you and the amazing person you have become that really makes this world a better place, I am so proud of you,!!!!! and I will always there for you,your life long friend and buddy Alan.


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