One Bracelet That Will Go With Every Outfit 

I was sent this bracelet to promote on social media and I was over the moon they wanted to collaborate because I love their products and instagram so much.

To begin, can we just appreciate how beautiful this bracelet is! The pretty details of the stitching with the rope and the silver anchor. With the pretty colours really well coordinated, the anchor is also engraved with ‘Belem’. This bracelet is ‘Mermaid’ in silver. You can get the bracelet in silver, gold, bronze and black with different colour themes.


Secondly, the bracelet is opened by this lovely detail of the anchor going through the rope as it closes the bracelet. So clever!

I love how simple and minimal this bracelet is but with the details it looks very classy. I also love how it can possibly go with every outfit whether it is a dress, jeans and a jumper or running clothes. Yes, even running clothes I know. I highly recommend purchasing one of these bracelets if you are looking for something to go with every outfit as well as it being super affordable, then Atelier Belem is for you.

You can also get 20% discount off your purchase using the code ‘REBECCAT20’.



*This is a collaboration with Atelier Belem Paris*

4 thoughts on “One Bracelet That Will Go With Every Outfit 

  1. Love the Bracelet and the clothes look great, keep these amazing blogs coming Becks they make for a great read and are so visually pleasing for young and old alike, as always Becks your an inspiration to all others, keep it up my Dear xx


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