One Way To Spice Up A Puffer Jacket Outfit 

Do you get those days where you want to wear something stylish but you haven’t got the time or energy to put together an outfit? If so this will inspire you to put together something so simply.


Whether you are going out to grab a coffee, shopping or out for lunch this simple trick will make you look great effortlessly.


Sometimes wearing a puffer jacket can make you feel like you are wrapped around in a huge fleece blanket which is great for this time of year as you do not get cold and sometimes there is no need to wear a massive scarf, but you kind of feel like you are ready to go to bed rather than going out. So my trick is to wear a pair of low heels with a pointed front. This doesn’t only complete your outfit with you a flattering look but it also makes you look sophisticated.



Do you prefer short or long puffer coats and how would you style them?

Coat – Primark (Similar)

Top- Oasis

Jeans – Forever 21

R x

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