Tea For Me Please ft Birchall’s Tea

Tea, tea, tea and more tea. As you all know I love tea so guess whats coming.. another tea blog post.

I sometimes wonder how I ever came across to liking tea. I don’t remember liking tea as a child or even growing into my early teens. It wasn’t until the other day that it hit me and I thought out it.. I cant actually remember the day I started liking cups of tea. And here I am drinking approximately  4+ a day. Oops! As I love tea so much Birchall kindly sent me 3 of their  best selling teas to sample and review for you.

The first tea is the Great Rift everyday tea which is so good, Literally. It has a very rich taste to it but it is so smooth with a strong  flavour from Eastern Africa. This is a black tea so I added some sweetened soya milk to it.  As I am a big tea drinker, I quite like this tea as it is so rich but it doesn’t have a sharp bitter taste to it which I really like. Out of the three, this one definitely has to be my favourite.


Birchall’s Virunga Earl Grey Tea, is very similar to their Great Rift everyday tea however, it is a lot more concentrated with scent. The flavours are very strong and intense with a flowery/ perfume taste and aroma which smells great, but in my opinion, I wasn’t overly keen on this tea because I think it is scented too much. As much as I love rose and flowery flavoured tea, this one was just too overpowering for me. But if you love intense floral tea I highly recommend this one!


Moving on to the third and final tea is the Birchall’s green tea . I love waking up to drinking green tea as it just refreshes me in the morning before I start my day and knowing it has many health benefits is a plus too. This Chinese green tea again has quite strong flavours full of added goodness with a lovely fresh, vibrant appearance. I love how the taste of green tea lingers on to your mouth leaving your mouth feeling incredibly fresh. This tea left me feeling so good; it’s great to kick start your morning.



What is your favourite tea to drink in the morning?

R x

*This is a collaboration with Birchall’s tea*

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