New Wooden Watches Just Launched!

Every few months there is always a different brand advertising amazing new products but I haven’t seen something as incredible as ‘Gufo Fashion Designs’ new release.. the wooden watch that can be personalized with a sentence, initials, a name or a symbol. Last year I was overly surprised with their new launch of the wooden sunglasses. I was amazed about how sturdy and fashionable they are yet still protected my eyes from the sun. It was the must have fashion accessory and they are back again with a new luxury.

So the wooden watches.. you would think, how an earth are they made and just from wood?! Let you tell me this, they are insanely made with delicate hours from pieces of wood all carved and put together with not two pieces of wood identical. Each watch has its unique serial number so if you have one of these watches, you are one of the lucky ones.


With a Japanese automatic movement, these watches will never ever need a battery. As long as the watch is worn it will retain energy which means it automatically winds itself. Although sometimes its a good excuse, you will never loose track of time.

From 9 different styles (men & women), there are so many beautiful features and details on these watches that no other watch has! From the timeless, favourite Italian cities carved on the back of the clock to the delicate clock hands and case. To see a video feaurting the watches and more information head over to kickstarter.


You have the desire to want something but nothing has made you want something as much as these limited edition watches. Everyone needs one in their life and now they are less than half price! Customize your watch but only for the first 100 buyers get ENGRAVING FREE!


*This is a collaboration with Gufo Fashion Design*


What is your favourite watch out of the nine?

R x

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