Re-united With The Internet!

So i’m back!! After a few weeks of having a social media detox I am back, and gosh has felt like absolute ages since I last blogged! I decided to have a social media detox for a few reasons. 1. it was becoming overwhelming and at times I feel like i’m being swamped and sucked in by social media. 2. Having a break meant I was able to focus on rather things that are also important to me such as college, my family, hobbies and to also self- care more and look after myself. 3. Thirdly, having more time to express myself through art. I have been addicted to making dream catchers and I can’t stop oops. At least I won’t be having any more bad dreams πŸ˜‰ I hope!

internet 2.jpg

To read more of my thoughts in why having a social media detox every once in a while is good for you, keep your eyes peeled on Taylor magazine for my next article coming soon!

internet 4.jpg

I have recently browsed for mindfulness magazines and books and I picked up ‘Breathe’ the other day. It is such a lovely magazine that has been beautifully created with some amazing article topics that I have found really interesting to read.

What is some of your favourite mindfulness books/magazines/apps? I would love to know

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