Whats In My Makeup Bag, S/S 2017

Another season kicking off, another trend setting stone. Raging up this summer is many old makeup trends coming back as well as the new and ambiguous. Blush on cheeks, bold lips on raw skin and the glowing highlighter that is still going strong. So make sure you have your brushes ready, you’re going to need them.

I have recently devoured into getting new make up as I wanted to use up all the make that I had and make sure every product that I am using is vegan and cruelty- free. Plus who doesn’t want new make up every so often? because I definitely do. Sometimes I get those days and I feel I want to look different or if i’m bored of doing the same make up routines, I will buy a new lipstick or explore new make up trends to experiment with. These are some of my new recent makeup purchases all cruetly – free and amazing for everyday make up to glamming up for a special occasion from cheap drug store make up brands.


foundation in shade porcelain- After switching my make up over, I bought a big bundle of make up that is vegan and cruetly – free and one product I needed most was an everyday foundation. This foundation has excellent coverage and the skin tone colours are really so varied. At first buying a foundation online,  I was worried it wouldn’t need the correct shade but receiving it, it was no doubt the best shade for my skin colour.

mineral infused primer – clear primer – I have mixed feelings about this primer I have been using at moment which is the ELF mineral primer. It is so cheap for the amount you pay, you get so you can’t complain. However, I feel my make up doesn’t stay on all day as I hoped it would. It is packed with minerals and will last a long time as you don’t need much at all. When applying the primer it is almost like base coat of an oily moisturiser so it is great for a base layer before applying makeup.

Eye shadow palette ‘need it nude’- Wow! what an amazing palette. I was previously using the Maybeline nude palette which was really good however it isn’t vegan and cruelty – free so I after a while of using it up I purchased the ‘need it nude’ palette from ELF. The coverage of this palette is very good for the price you pay for it with a range of beautiful colours that blend nicely together.

Bronzer palette- wow wow wow! I was currently using the darker brown shade on my Maybeline eye shadow palette as bronzer which did work really well but since using this palette, nothing compares to it! With 4 different amazing shades, you can choose between how defined you want your cheekbones with a perfectly smooth finish.


Lipstick – matte lingerie in shade Teddy, pink matte lipstick – This matte lipstick is officially my favourite. Such a lovely autumn colour which surprisingly looks so nice in the summer time.  I don’t believe that any shade of lipstick is just for one season. With this liquid lipstick being so efficient, you can eat & drink whatever you require as well as carrying on with your daily routine without it coming off. I have tried many lipsticks and I didn’t manage to find one that would last more than an hour until I tried the NYX liquid lipsticks. Plus it has thousands of beautiful shades to choose from so you can’t go wrong with finding one for any occasion.

foundation – stay matte but not flat. In shade porcelain – So easy to blend for it to look incredibly natural and with a smooth, natural finish. Trying different foundations is like one of my hobbies, this is definitely a reasonable buy. I have to keep trying different ones until I find the one. I currently switch betweend using this NYX foundation with the ELF foundation that I purchased over the past few months. Compraring this to the ElF foundation, this one has slightly more coverage which is great if you are heading off for a long busy day and don’t have time to reapply it throughout the day. With the matte finish (it does what it says on the label) this is a perfect everyday foundation as well as perfect for nights out or events where you would like your make up to be spot on. 

eye brow pot ‘tame and fame’ in shade espresso- Brows, brows, brows! Still a major popular makeup trend. Big brows, dark brows, bushy brows. I mean who doesn’t like the brows feature? If you don’t, you must me mad! I have always loved big brows over the past few years and I gave tried a few brow products such as the ‘high impact brow palette’ and the ‘Barry M Brow palette’ but nothing beats how smoothly and delicately the NYX brow pot goes on. So easy to blend for it to look incredibly natural and with a sharp finish.

eyeliner pot ‘mousse liner’ in shade epic black- I always used to eyeliner, then I went through a stage of not wearing it at all. It started off with pencil eyeliner on he bottom of my eyes then I started wearing black eyeliner on the top of my eye lids.  I loved it! Everyday I would look forward to getting up because I knew I would be putting my eye liner on and experimenting with it. Trying different eyeliner products I was yet to find one I really liked until I recently purchased the NYX epic black eyeliner pot. Wow why had I not tried this sooner?! It is amazing! So easy to apply, great coverage, it stays on for ages and just looks great as it doesn’t look like it’s cracked or stiff when it’s dried unlike others I had previously been using. At an affordable price at only .£7??, I highly recommend treating yourself to this eyeliner if you want to rock the timeless eyeliner trend with zero effort.

Mascara – Doll eye in black – trasitioning all of my make up to vegan and cruetly – free, the last thing that I needed to invest in was a mascara. Looking on the NYX counter, there was quite a few to chose from. I usually would tend to go for the similar style with the same brush size and type. But this time I decided to go for a different one and oh my gosh, it works wonders. From a perfectly even finish on your eyelashes to making them look so naturally long with no clumpiness, this is a perfect everyday mascara. 

Estee Lauder

Matte liquid lip potion ‘pure colour envy’ in shade 120 ‘extreme nude’- another fabulous purchase I have bought over the past few months has been this wonderful matte liquid lipstick. Rushing before a photo shoot left me forgetting my lipstick which was really needed. This meant I had to look around the high street stores to find one before arriving. I looked at the ideal lipstick on the Urban Decay counter however, the perfect shade was already sold out so this left me having to search for another brand. I came across the Estee Lauder counter and found a huge amount of lip potions. Quickly trying a few on, I found the shade ‘extreme nude’ which looked lovely on. I didn’t have much time to really think about it so I just decided to get it. Ever since buying it and applying it, it looks incredible lipsticl with a neutral shade that will without doubt go with every outfit. 

What is your favourite brand of make up and why?

R x

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