Hometown Visit, London

Wow so I wrote an article recently stating how time flies by and this exciting day has finally arrived. Another month gone by and so many hours passed. I was planning this trip with 2 friends and it seemed like a whole life time away. It probably feels like time goes so fast because I am always so busy. I am always doing something. I like to be productive and completing things that needs to be done. I find it is so hard to just do nothing. Even is I’m at home or in bed I’m still doing things, whether it being researching, planning more things in advance or reading and writing for future blog posts and articles. Life is so short so I am grateful for the time we have and I like to make the most of the days. It can be overwhelming at times – constantly doing different tasks at the same time but I am working on when its time to ‘relax’ and proceed the balance between ‘work, rest and play’.

Up bright and early like usual. 5AM start eek! My train to London wasn’t until 8:53AM but I wanted to get up early and make sure everything was prepared for my trip. I also like to do things before my journey.

Breakfast, coffee hair and make up all done. Tick that off the list. Designing a poster on my tablet for a recent event that is coming up, I couldn’t focus on writing anything or even looking at the screen. I was writing like I was drunk. All of a sudden, I fell asleep for 45 minutes. I woke up at once as I didn’t even intend to fall asleep.  Confused on how it happened as I was so wide awake before, is still unknown. I managed to get up too quickly, slip, face plant the floor and get awful carpet burns on my knee. Ouch is all I could say. I was laughing and crying at the same time due to the pain I was in and the random act that and just happened. Only I could manage to do that lol!

The rain drizzled gently but I quickly left and walked to the train station. Still wearing a dress and docs, I didn’t care whether it was raining or not. I still wanted to wear this blue stripped dress. It was cute and that’s what mattered at that moment in time.

Arriving on the platform after grabbing a cup of tea, I stepped onto coach A and searched for my seat. I didn’t realise until I sat down that I had a table, I was on the quiet coach and I had fast free WIFI. Hell yes! I was incredibly grateful as I didn’t expect any of it so it was a big surprise to me. The journey as we speak consisted of reading ‘Breathe magazine’, writing articles and sipping tea to ‘Rose & Wine’s’ playlist.

Finally in London, I grabbed the first tube to Piccadilly Circus. Phoning the two girls who I realised were literally around the corner from where I was standing.


Hours passed as we browsed from shop to shop. It was as if we had known each other for years. We had the most wonderful time shopping away and maybe spending lots of money. Oops. You can never have too many clothes though can you.. lets be honest. Definitely worth it though as many of the high street shops in London do not exist in Plymouth sadly. After a perfect day, we  were exhausted and a cocktail was definitely needed. So hungry and tired, we headed to Slug and Lettuce for some food and 2 for 1 cocktails. Sweet potato fries, vegetable pakora, cocktails and great company. What else could you ask for?

2017-07-04 05.06.47 2.jpg
Jasmine & I
2017-07-04 05.06.47 1.jpg
Abbie & I

Sadly, the meet up  had came to an end as we began to make our way to the tube station to go home. Making my way back, I was surprised my visual memory managed to get exactly to my nans. Waking up the next morning from a great nights sleep at my nans. The room I was staying in brought back so many childhood memories. All the cards we had made for my nan were hung up all over the room. The posters I would read before shutting my eyes to go to sleep. The old dolls house I would play for hours on end and the old fashioned pram I would play with my cousin as a child.

My last day in London, I had to make the most of it. I spent the morning with my Nan, doing some shopping, having long conversations and playing a classic game of dominos before doing another meet up. For the meet up, we decided to visit Camden Town which was my favourite place as a youngster in North London and still is today. So quirky and vintage with everything so alternative and mind blowing. Crowds of people and the aroma of many different cuisines. The smell of incense sticks and the sound of the musicians scattered along the streets. I would go there every week if I still lived in London.

Very excited for the second meet up, I headed to get the tube into Camden. We headed around the wonderful town of Camden, looking around shops, having coffee and bumping into the many people around Camden doing the same thing we were. We spoke about everything and anything, we laughed and I almost cried. We visited Grenfell tower which was an out of body experience. It was heart breaking but truly put my life into perspective. I will begin to live every day like no other because you really do not know what is around the corner. Appreciate everything. Even the little things because sometimes they are the big things.

2017-06-29 09.31.50 1.jpg
2017-06-29 09.31.48 1.jpg

I still cannot believe I bucked up the courage and did the meet up. I blocked out my fears and anxiety and just went for it and I cannot be more thankful for the incredibly warming memories that have been made. I have met 3 amazing people who all share the same experiences as I do. If you get the chance to do a meet up or meet someone that shares something in common with you. DO IT! Don’t let any kind of fear or problem get in the way because I can guarantee you, you will be thankful you did it and you will regret it if you don’t. Remember.. what is there to lose? What will you gain?

The time had come when I had to head to Paddington station to get the train home. I didn’t really want the journey home. As much as I love travelling and train journeys, I just wanted to be in my own space relaxing. It had been a few busy days but the best few days.

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