What you need to know about makeup cosmetics!

Do you ever wonder what is really in your make up and what you could be putting into your body? I knew that a lot of beauty and skincare brands test on animals, however I didn’t realise what is actually in those products. There are many ingredients and chemicals that you don’t even realise is in your make up that you are using.

Waste cooking oil, Oleoresin Capsicum, Chicken bone marrow, fish scales, Cochineal dye, Bull semen, human fore skin, Ambergris, and urea. You are probably thinking what are all these long and weird ingredients. And don’t worry I was the same until I found out which left me feeling incredibly disgusted and speechless.

So lets talk about these ingredients that are carelessly and sneakily put into our beauty products. Waste cooking oil comes from cafes and restaurants that is unneeded which is used in make up to help regenerate damaged skin. When you really think about this logically, would you really want to be putting used oil on your face that has had chips and fried fish in it? Using this type of oil seems unnecessary.

Next, oleoresin Capsicum. You are probably thinking what the hell is this!? Oleoresin Capsicum is also known as ‘pepper spray’ which is used by police officers which is extracted from chillies. When you put on your lipstick or other cosmetics and you feel a tingly feeling, be sure to know it is most probably the oleoresin Capsicum is used in the process of making it. Sadly, no shoving a lipstick in your ex boyfriends eye wont keep him away.

Now you’re thinking ‘eww’! But yes its true. Make up products contain chicken bone marrow. Supposedly it helps with skin growth with anti- inflammatory substances. Which is mostly contained in your daily moisturisers and creams.

Feeling grossed out already? because I’m not even onto the good stuff yet. Fish scales which gives you that glow and glittery look on your lips. Bull semen, why would we need that product in our cosmetics? Well.. used in salons now, apparently it helps to make your hair look sheen and shiny. Fish scales again used to make hair shine.

I always used to wonder how they make juices, sweets and other food and beauty products so vibrant and now I know. Beetle blood. It is used in cosmetics to get that powerful bright red appearance. The beetles are drowned in hot water, dried and crushed into a ground power then put in products which we consume. Even if you don’t eat things with it in but use products with this ingredient you are still consuming it as the products sink into your skin and straight into your blood  stream within minutes. Who would have known that the majority of us consume beetle blood without even knowing or intending to.

Being vegan for over two years now, I slowly transitioned in transferring the products and cosmetics I use to be more natural, cruelty- free and completely vegan with no hidden animal by- products. I previously wondered what was in our products but I didn’t really take action into looking into it or taking action in changing it. Since being vegan, I have become more aware of what is in the products I use and what I am actually putting into my body. For years I was consuming all these unknown nasty chemicals which could potentially be harmful to my body. Becoming more aware enables me to make sure I am doing the best that I can for my body which will benefit my health and wellbeing as well as helping my emotional wellbeing as feeling so much healthier. I also know that I am helping the environment and know that I am putting my support into standing up to animal cruelty.

Before you purchase products, look into it. Look at what is actually in what you’re buying and going to be consuming. Do you want to applying chicken bone marrow to your skin or bull semen to your hair? There are many other articles and information explaining what is in the products we buy so get well educated and make the right choice today for better health and wellbeing. You are the only person that can make that change for a healthier lifestyle.

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