7 Super Simple Summer Dresses 

This summer cute flowy simple dresses that take little effort to style are my thing. The past 2 and a half months I have been remarkably busy and sometimes I don’t have the time to take ages styling my outfits so these dresses have literally saved my life. Here I am sharing my 6 super simple dresses that are perfect for summer but take little effort to styling them but look indefectible.

1. Lets talk about the ‘blue stripped dress’! Wow! Well I saw this dress in Primark and I just had to get it. I mean look at how cute it is!? Secondly, it hugely reminds me of primary school in the summer where all the girls would wear ginham dresses with frilly socks with bows and matching hair accessories. This brings back so many memories from those times which I undoubtedly miss at times. Now we’ve got how cute the dress looks out the way, let’s talk about how perfect this dress is as it is so light and airy. Compared to a few of my other summer dresses this is definitely the lightest of them all so perfect for boiling hot summer days. I also believe this dress would suit all body types as the shape of this dress. It has a more of a fitted top part then increases into a flow at the bottom for a delicate finish. As much as I love it, the best material can be a little itchy.


Dress – Primark | shoes – Vegan Doc Martens

2. One classic dress for all seasons is the blue denim pinafore. It is perfect for rainy and cold weather as it can easily and beautifully be styled with tights and a jumper underneath. But it is my favourite to wear it on summery breezy days with crop tops underneath with docs and fishnet socks. It has lovely big pockets so sometimes I am able to go out without having to take a huge bag (and trust me I do that a lot. I could be walking down the road to the post office or going for a walk and I’ll still take a huge bag with me). I also quite like this dress for summer as it is so pretty the way the back of the dress has been cut and seamed.


Denim dress – Topshop | tee – H&M | Shoes – Asos

4. Diving onto another simple and minimalistic pinafore again, yet so beautiful and easy to style. I previously picked up this dress last summer in the vintage section in TopShop. I am overwhelmed with how many different ways you can create a different look with this dress. As it being a neutral beige, a whole range of colours go perfectly with this dress. It can be worn in the winter with black tights and a simple roll turtle neck jumper or in the summer with a crop top, docs (as always) with various chokers. I love simple outfits which are comfortable and can be easily styled as I’m always so busy in appointments and travelling as well as college but also the outfits that look good and express my style too. When buying this cute pinafore, I knew there was no return so I was hesitant whether to purchase it but looking back, I’m so thankful I did. It is one of many cute dresses in my growing collection. bought this dress maybe two years ago and I still absolutely love it! Also styled with my old favourite chunky, shiny shoes, there isn’t more I could want in a cute summer outfit. Still dressing like I did as a child. But you know what, who cares? I love it and that’s all that matters.


Dress – Topshop, vintage market | tee – Zara | shoes – Asos
5. I mainly wear this dress as an evening do, whether I am going out for dinner or some drinks, I find this is the perfect dress for that because you can have it very casual but also dress it up with gorgeous heels like these from Topshop.


Dress – H&M | shoes – Topshop

5. Bought for an incredible £1.99 at a charity shop, I couldn’t go wrong to purchase it. I love how quirky and different it is. Frills at the bottom of the dress, summer floral prints and a cosy lose fit. Old fashioned prints are coming back into trend and are becoming more and more popular again. It has such a pretty floral pattern which will make you rock this seasons summer dresses. Easy and simple to just throw on if you have little time, chuck on your docs and you’re done. That is it. How simple is that?

dress blog edit.jpg

Dress – … | shoes – Doc Martens, vegan

6. Now this is another go to dress over the past few months, since I bought it. This summer I love lose fitting dresses with a flow and I have definitely found some that match that. This cute minimal floral print and a tie up which I like to tie at the front to the side. However, you could tie it at the back or at the front in the middle. So many ways to style it. Then finishing it off with Docs & socks again. (you can never have too many outfits with Doc & socks).


Dress – … | shoes – Doc Martens, vegan

7. LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress. It is so pretty with all the details. Lace, cut out floral patterns and ribbon tie up back and sleeves. If only I could insert the heart eye emoji here but unfortunately I’m on my laptop. Although I don’t wear this dress as much as I should and would like to, I am still so attached to this dress.


Dress – H&M | shoes – Primark


Which is your favourite dress?

R x

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