4 effortless outfits for a British summers day!

So if you live in England or know about British weather you will all know that British weather consists of rain, cloud and more rain. We do get the occasional nice hot summers day but that is like winning the lottery. We often tend to get 4 seasons within one day which could be good for you if you get bored of one full day of weather but can also be annoying. If you are a fashion freak like me that can also be frustrating as I’m constantly battling with myself what to wear. ‘do I wear this? oh no what if it rains. No it wont rain, it looks sunny’ But then again, its bound to rain.. I’ll take the biggest winter coat have in the middle of summer’. This is the story of my life…

In this blog post I will be sharing four simple, effortless outfits that can be worn in everyday situations and can be easily layered with a jacket for when the weather does turn with it still looking great!

Outfit 1:

Starting off with this super cute outfit, this is perfect for going to the beach, a walk in the park or having a picnic with friends. It is super comfy and super neutral so when changing shirts, any will match this style skirt perfectly. I must say, I am still in love with this cactus shirt. It couldn’t get any cuter!


Watch – Daniel Wellington | T. shirt – Camden town | Skirt – American Apparel | Shoes – Adidas superstar

Outfit 2:

I love to wear this outfit when I go shopping or for a relaxed day because it is really cooling when walking around and is pretty comfy. Sometimes I’ll style these shorts with a black tee, a choker and my Doc Martens but again super easy to style especially if you are in a rush trying to find an outfit, which used to be me until I was late every morning and had to start preparing my clothes the night before to save time. Ooops!


Tee – Mango | Jacket – Matalan | Shorts – Zara | Shoes – Adidas superstar

Outfit 3:

Purchasing this adorable knitted crop top in London a few months ago, it actually took me a while to actually wear it. Even though, I loved it a lot, I was trying to find the perfect day to wear it until I just went ‘you know what.. today is the day’. There is no point waiting and waiting, because you will never end up wearing it and it’ll just be sat in your wardrobe for years on end. I haven’t worn this outfit out a lot and I keep saying I will, so that is officially my goal.


Knitted crop top – Brandy Melville | Jacket – Urban Outfitters | Trousers – New look | Shoes – Doc martens | Bag – Kanken | Necklace – Brandy Melville

Outfit 4:

The last outfit, I wear quite often when I go out for a meal as it is incredibly easy to put together and looks very elegant. I absolutely love this top! I love the many pretty details. From the v – neck, the flared sleeves to the pretty floral print. If you don’t have a shirt like this, YOU NEED ONE!


Shirt – Topshop | Jeans – Topshop | Watch – Daniel Wellington | Necklace – Brandy Melville


What is your favourite summer outfit?

R x

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