Time For A Fresh Start

So I started off having a few weeks away from social media to detox my system. It is crazy sometimes how we forget how attached we are the internet. Also how sucked into
it we can get and other people’s lives which can often lead to self- doubt and comparison. Back nearer to the new year, I wrote an article sharing my 30 day social media
detox experience. So if you want to take a read, I will leave the link here.

That being said, I applogise for the lack of posts, however I am back full of so much more energy, motivation and wonderful ideas to share with you all. So lets get into what
the title really says… With so many hectic things that have happened recently; summer plans comes to an end, getting reday for second year and starting college again
and double booked appointments, I have also recently moved house. I was fed up of many things. The same place, lack of space, constant noise and not being able to
personalise my own space which is highly important to me as I study a lot from home so being able to make my space ‘my own’ motivates me a lot. I began looking prior
actually deciding when I would move but with that successful, a flat came up. I decided it was time for a change so with all the housing meetings and a viewing, the
property was perfect for me. I cannot be happier with how the move went. Plus I am so overally fascinated at how my new home looks. I already can see things shifting
and improving let alone I am generally so much happier.

Sometimes you need a change. We get stuck in to the reality of our lives. The same daily routine, the same food, the same people you see on a weekly or daily basis, the
same environment and home space, the same range of clothes you wear. Us as humans need change in our lives otherwise we become bored and unsatisfied rather quickly.

If you feel you need a shift or a change in your life, look at what you could and want to change. You may not be able to change some things, however, there are plenty of
things you CAN change.
This could be:
– what clothes you wear to college or work
– having a new food to try each week
– taking a different route somewhere
– changing your bedroom or home décor
– change and spice up your wardrobe
– change your hairstyle/make up routine
– change an old hobby for a new one
– change how you spend your weekend

What things would you LIKE to change in your lives?

R x

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