How to slay simple autumn trends

Summer is out, autumn is almost over (already!!) and winter is on its way. I always say how fast time swiftly goes by and it really does. I wake up its one day and it’s the beginning of the month then the next time I think about it, I realise it is the end of the month. So with that in mind, I am really trying to appreciate the little things in every day, so when I look back at the past month, I realise how much I have done (even when sometimes it doesn’t feel like it) the little things as well as the big exciting things. I am drifting through November with three fall outfits that are cosy yet stylish.

Firstly, can we appreciate how pretty the colour of the next 2 outfits are. This outfit is one I wish I wore more this autumn. It is perfect for this season as for the weather when it’s that sluggish grey sky that looks like it’s going to hurricane but still so warm to get properly festive with cosy sweaters. It also matches the surroundings around us with the beautiful leaves on the ground. Over the past couple of years, I have seriously got in to longer dresses and skirts. I used to hate them but now, I really cannot get enough of them.

Similar dress -Asos

Similar boots – Forever 21


Another outfit with this gorgeous crisp orange. I bought this playsuit in the beginning of September. Although it pretty cute (you have to admit), I wish I wore it more this year. There’s one goal for next year – don’t hide clothes away in the bottom of my draws, just GO FOR IT and WEAR IT! Another versatile piece that can be worn in the summer or in the colder seasons with tights which means you are getting the best of both worlds.


Similar playsuit – Boohoo

Shoes – Vegan Doc Martens


 Lastly, I am finishing it off with a classic everyday city look. I love how versatile this look is as you can add sweaters and thick tights when it gets colder throughout the months. Secondly, I love how you can still wear the same clothes but just mix it up a bit depending on the weather and our mood which means no more hiding it in the bottom of your wardrobe until next year. Success! Already loving this red skirt I bought in the summer, It is literally perfect for the festive Christmas season with festive Almandine Garnet reds and emerald greens. 


Similar trench coat – Zara

T. shirt – Jack Wills

Skirt – Monki

Similar boots- Forever 21

watch – Daniel Wellington

Earrings – H&M


All images by Alan Lockhart

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