Experiencing the Illuminate light festival

So the day came for the Illuminate light festival, marking the anniversary of the sailing of the mayflower. With Illuminate running 3 years straight, more brands, companies and the community from all over the world were able to come together more than ever for such a positive event.

Arriving at the event, there were crowds and crowds of people strolling around the grounds where there were delicious food and drink stalls including filled nachos, pulled meat baps and of course there was mulled cider and non – alcoholic mulled juice for those driving. Hell yes! Lets get it straight.. no winter event is the same without mulled hot drinks right? Now that’s cleared.. with all the food stalls delivering wonderful aromas across the yard, there was a band for early entertainment, a young dancing performance throughout the intervals of the light festival. And for children (or whoever fancied a quick cheeky dance) a mini disco was held.

Coming along to the event on Friday 24th November, was a lot different in comparison to the rehearsal the previous Tuesday. Where Tuesday was very relaxed, it allowed those involved to get an idea of the bigger picture before the big day and the Friday being more hectic but very exciting with so much going on. I am very lucky to have been allowed the chance to be involved blogging for the event and also seeing both sides (before and during) of the festival. There was an amazing uplifting atmosphere at the festival. People were walking around so happy although freezing their fingers off. Seeing crowds with smiles on their faces while the show began. It was a lovely event were the community and companies could all join and create something amazing! And it truly was amazing!

illuminate 1.jpg

If you came along to the event,  what did you think of it?

R x

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