11 things you don’t know about me

Bloggers like to talk about fashion, what their current favourite things are and what exciting things they have done. Mostly all the good bits.. but it’s not often you see the things that people may not want to know about them, deep secrets and their insecurities. I think that sometimes it’s important to know about a person just as much as you check and scroll daily on their Instagram for what they are up to. It helps you connect and relate to them. Its almost like a virtual internet friend as well as your inspiration. That’s why I have decided carry on with December blogging but dedicate this blog post on things that you really don’t know about me but will after 1 minute of reading this.

1. I like to take good care of my skin so I use 5/6 skincare products pretty much everyday. (If you would like an updated skin care routine, do let me know and I can post one)

2. I drunk way too much coffee one day that I had a nasty accident. Since that day I have never ever had near as much coffee.

3. I love to be super organised and I am always fixated on making lists for EVERYTHING.

4. My favourite movies are ‘About time’ and ‘An education’. And recently ‘9 lives ‘ because it is so bloody humorous but also cheered up me on one of those bad days where you’re not quite sure what to do with yourself.

5. My biggest phobia is losing my hair. When I was younger, I was petrified of someone coming and cutting my hair off when I was sleeping so I would keep my hair in the tightest ponytail and keep hold of it while I slept. I’m still scared of loosing my hair but I’ve let it off the hook and can sleep with holding my hair now haha. I’ve also taught myself to realise that loosing hair from an illness just happens sometimes and you can’t do much about it. There is no point in worrying about things that may not even happen in the future. The possibility is there but don’t spend your time fixated on what the future may hold. You can spend that time doing more valuable things.

6. I love to read all kinds of books but mostly books that are wise, where you are able to improve your own happiness and lifestyle. My recent favourite book is, ‘The life changing magic of not give a f*ck’ by Sarah Knight. Thank you for this outstanding yet enlightening book where I can now reduce not giving a crap about what people think.. literally magic so if you haven’t read this book yet.. you REALLY need to!

7. I love to make new dishes by literally ‘winging it’ and chucking different things in; and so far it has been a successful tactic.

8. I am like a real life polar bear, seriously. Always cold no matter how many layers I’m wearing or what season it is. ‘Bring me the hot water bottle pleaseeee!’

9. I’ve never been abroad but hope to within the next year or two. The first 5 places on my list are Mallorca, Germany, Italy, Canada and New York.

10. My favourite thing to do as a child was to read and play silly games on the computer. Babysitting mania was my most favourite.

11. I was born with a blocked tear duct and when I was 8, I had to have an operation on my eye. Ever since, I have to go to the hospital every once in a while and have my tear ducts syringed.
I hope you’ve enjoyed exploring new things that you didn’t know about me.

R x

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