How to make the most of your time

We all hear adults say make the most of your time because it will go so quick.. and I’ve began to realise that its sadly true. Time flies by. I remember being a young child and I couldn’t wait to just be grown up and have the biggest house, my dream job and beautiful children. I currently look back and wonder where the past 3 years have gone. I can tell you now, try to really enjoy every moment of everything  because you will regret it when you’re older if you don’t. You wont remember what an earth you have done in your life. I’m lucky to realise this now at 20 years of age which has helped me to be more mindful and in the present moment of my life. Yes I am still in the process of becoming more mindful but its a gradual process to seeing the world differently to before. Here I would like to share some tips that have helped me make the absolute most of my time.

  • This is probably the most simplest things you can do with less preparation. However you are probably going to dislike it if you are not a morning person. This step to making the most of the time you have, is getting up earlier. This could mean setting your alarm for an extra 30 minutes earlier or getting up a whole hour or two earlier. I’m not saying get up at 4-5AM to do this. This step would be individual to every single person, so if you usually wake up at 10 or 11Am maybe set your alarm for 8 AM. If you usually wake up at 8 AM, set it for 7Am and so on.  Just by getting that extra hour in the morning has so many benefits. You will be able to have plenty of time in the morning to properly wake up, have a cup of morning coffee whilst catching up on the latest news. This will also help with being on time if you have to head to a meeting, work or meeting a friend.  There are other ways you can prepare yourself to get up earlier such as, avoid hitting the snooze button 5 times, maybe snooze it once or twice. You could start preparing things the night before for the next morning so you feel you don’t have too much to do in the morning, which will less likely make you want to go back to bed once the alarm has gone off. I also find personally with myself, that if I have prepared little things the night before I can go to bed with a clear mind as I don’t have to think to myself whilst trying to sleep.. ‘remember to get the sausages out of the freezer, don’t forget to finish writing up that note in the morning oh and also remember to go to the post office on the way to your appointment’. Which is just going to keep you up longer, which means you will wake up later and the cycle follows. This follows onto my next tip quite nicely.
  •  Write to-do-lists and goals that you would like to achieve is properly my favourite tip as well as it being as simple as you make it. Whether you are planning on having a chilled day or have a Marathon of jobs to get done, this tip is perfect for any kind or day you have. You can easily make this list as simple as you like. For a simple list, you could note down things as simple as.. messaging a friend, planning any exciting events for the following week, a meal plan, writing a shopping list, watering the plants or even catching up on the latest episode of Pretty little liars. These tasks can be something you do whilst watching TV, waiting for a bus or if you just have 2 minutes free. For a more ‘hands on’ to-do-list it could be anything from, doing the grocery shop, finishing work at home, going to meeting or catching up with a friend. By writing down what you have to get done that day, allows you to visually see what you have to do which puts your whole day into perspective. I also find it quite satisfying ticking off the tasks I have done completely because it leaves me feeling accomplished which makes me feel even more motivated to get things done. At the end of the day you can then think, today I have done this, this and this with a pleasant feeling whilst looking forward to what the following day brings.
  • Have no regrets and do what you really WANT to do. Don’t fear the things you have always wanted to do.  Go for it and do it! If you are thinking about going to a spa day or a trip away.. look into it, research it, look at dates and look at your calendar as to when you can afford it, don’t put things off until tomorrow, just do it. Don’t put it off and think I’ll look at that later because we are more than likely to forget by then and when we do remember we will be like or I didn’t do that or I really want to do that. Start doing the things you really want to do rather than dreaming about it. Make those daydreams come true.  I constantly used to think, ‘I really want to do that, I would like to do that to but…’ Until I realized that I will never ever do anything if I keep thinking about the what ifs and buts.  So I made a pact with myself – the summer just gone I will do this things I have wanted to do without having huge fears and overthinking it. Yes, I will still think about some of the things that could possible not go quite to plan to prepare for a plan B. However, I am not going to work myself up about all the millions of little things that could go wrong because then I WILL NOT enjoy the event when it comes to it. I will just be worrying. I once saw this quote that has really stuck with me, “90% of the things you worry about, don’t even happen”.  This is a quote worth remembering. Less fear and start making things happen.
  • Do things that are productive and that you will remember. By this I don’t mean don’t relax and watch the TV because whether you already do or not or, believe it we all need the correct balance between ‘work, rest and play’. If you’ve heard it, that great if not, let me explain. Learning to have the balance between work, rest and play is vital to living a happy and well equitable life. The balance between working, the fun things you want to do and resting in between these two. Even if you watch TV, that’s great because we are always learning things. We learn so much every single day and sometimes we don’t realize it. These skills we can then perform in the future. To make more of your time productively, if you watch TV 4+ hours a day maybe reduce this time to 2 hours. Where the other two hours you could do something else you have wanted to do but haven’t seem to fit time in or you’ve put off for another day.  Prioritize the things that are important to you and that you value because you will treasure it and remember those moments.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my top tips for making the most of your time. Which tip are you most likely to use?

R x

(Notebook & earrings – Skinny Dip) 

(Photo by- Alan Lockhart)

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