Where has time gone…

Where on earth has the time gone? One minute it was the new year and now we are 8 months on. It astonishes me that we are not far away from autumn and Christmas already. It’s crazy! I am super excited for autumn this year and I have been since the middle of summer. I just love all the festive events, candles lit and when the cosy sweaters come out.

Saying that, I have had a great summer since breaking up from college where I have learnt to take things slow and recharge again.

With this, I have slowly started to get back into modelling again after a very long break from it. Looking back, having a break from it was the best thing for me to do as I was going through a bad patch of poor confidence, bad body image and constantly comparing myself to others. I have now got through that stage and I feel like I’m in a completely different mindset now for the better.

Today I am sharing a recent collaboration with a company called @Missdivasquad.

I was approached by this company to collaborate and I was pretty happy as I love their shoes. The shoes I chose are slightly different in appearance to my first choice but I have grown to admire them after a few wears. They are super comfy with some extra padding for support. Plus they are platform which makes me look and feel a few inches taller which is always great. Although I’m 5’5 ish I still feel incredibly tiny.

These shoes seem to go with most outfits I wear and just add some chic and elegance to my outfits which I love. I feel I can look completely effortless on those days where I don’t try yet still look stylish.

Apart from not wearing them in and getting a couple of sores from the shoes, I absoutely love them.

These shoes are the ‘Adia studded detail sliders’.. you can also get pair and discount using my code ‘RXMN30’.


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