Twenty First Century Herbs Collaboration

For quite a long time I had been struggling with bloating, heartburn, digestion and sleep problems. I was still trying to figure it out and I started changing different things to rule it out. However, I recently was introduced to ‘Twenty first century herbs’ who I have recently been collaborating with.

I was gifted the rhubarb complex Capsules which I have been using for a couple of weeks now. The rhubarb complex is completely vegan and all natural herbs which include a blend of rhubarb, ginger, aloe ferrox and cayenne. For best results, I take 1 – 2 tablets with my evening meal every night.

rhubarb 2..jpg
There are other products from Twenty first century herbs which can help with symptoms of the above as well as IBS, combat yeast infections, weight loss and increase energy. Such as the sleepyhead complex, cayenne complex, nerve root complex and the rhodiola compelx. All capsules are vegan and vegetarian all made with natural herbs and nothing else!

I was struggling with the problems above but since using the rhubarb complex I feel it is slowly improving along side changing my routine, eating habits and incorporating daily meditation. If you struggle with problems like I did, I highly recommend giving twenty first century herbs a go and see how you get on. You have nothing to lose.

*This post is in collaboration with Twenty First Century Herbs.

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