12 things I am looking forward to this fall

I love this time of year and I cant believe it has come around so quick again. Fall is definitely one of my favourite seasons which I cant get enough of. If only we could have a double autumn and miss out winter, everything would be okay. There are so many festive and wonderful things happening in fall which I am really looking forward to. Here are a few I am mostly excited about!

  1. First of all I am excited for everything pumpkin spiced. I cannot tell you my excitement for this. I have already tried 3 pumpkin spiced lattes from three coffee shops and it’s not even October yet (maybe a little bit too eager.)
  2. Secondly, shooting some lovely new clothes for autumn with oranges, reds and browns. I am excited for this years fall colour palette.
  3. Having pamper evenings with face masks and baths and new bath bombs. I’m hoping lush bring out some autumn themed skincare products.
  4. Lighting candles and binge watching Riverdale; I have to get through season two ready for the new season coming out in October. This has been one of my favourite binge watching series recently.
  5. Also watching one of my favourite films ‘Coraline’ as well as other fall themed movies.
  6. I am pretty excited for the leaves falling off the trees, with all the streets covered in them. I am mostly excited to stand on the crispy leaves – I find it so satisfying but I don’t know why. Anyone else?
  7. Bonfires, fireworks and my birthday. How am I going to be 21 already?!
  8. I have been getting into reading a lot more recently and I am very excited to get stuck into a mystery/ thriller book this autumn. I am nearly half way through the book, ‘Holding’ by Graham Norton but if you have any other suggestions, do let me know in the comments.
  9. I am so fricken excited to carve pumpkins, bake pumpkin spice cookies, drink hot chocolates and lattes as well as decorate my flat with autumnal and Halloween things. I brought some décor for Halloween last year and I forgot to put it up.
  10. Wearing cosy sweaters, my Doc Martens and Chelsea boots, long coats and beanies.
  11. Snuggling into a cosy blanket with the heating on in the evening whilst looking out of the window and the leaves sweeping across the floor and the trees blowing in the wind.
  12. walking in the forest all wrapped up then coming home to it being all warm and cosy.

What are you looking forward to the most this autumn?

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