Why Fall Is My Favourite Season

Each season has its good and bad things but I definitely love autumn and summer the most. Autumn is just amazing and full of festive events which I am completely down for. These are my ten most favourite things about autumn.

1. Pumpkin spice everything!

You cannot go wrong with pumpkin spice. I am literally obsessed (maybe a little too much). I have pumpkin spice beanies coffee, pumpkin spice candles, a pumpkin bath bomb and of course actual pumpkins. Lets be honest, it isn’t Halloween or fall without a pumpkin.

2. Candles on in the evening and getting cosy

This is one of my favourite things about fall. I love to light candles and autumn/winter is the best time to do that. I have recently picked up some new fall candles which I am still yet to light but very excited to. I picked up a Sage & Cedar candle and a new pumpkin spice soy wax candle. I am eventually trying to use all my candles and then just swap to soy wax candles from there.

3. Cooler nights

I have never really been one to get that hot on summer nights but omg this summer was horrendous. It was just way too hot to sleep or move or do anything. I am looking forward to actually going to bed wearing pyjamas with a duvet and be cosy.

4. Cosy sweater ands scarves

Cosy knit sweaters are my favourite. I love to wrap up warm anyway but it just seems so much more acceptable to do that in the winter. I love to have many jumpers to choose from and they are just so easy to style yet still look great.

5. Bonfires and fireworks

Wrapping up warm with many layers and heading outside to watch the fireworks, sit around a bonfire and eat all sweet goods served at the vans at carnivals is a big yes.

6. Halloween

A big hell yes to Halloween! I have never really done much for Halloween, I mean I’ve been to a couple of parties and of course the classic trick-or-treating but other than that, I don’t do much. But that doesn’t mean to say I dislike Halloween. Even if I do not do much on Halloween, I like to put on a scary movie or thriller, light candles, carve pumpkins and have toffee popcorn whilst just relaxing throughout the evening.

7. Thrillers and old favourite shows back out

New Riverdale out, Nightmare On Elm Street and of course the new series The Haunting Of Hill House.

7. My birthday

I always used to be excited for my birthday but a couple of years ago, I was dreading my 18th birthday. Yes you saw that right.. my 18th birthday. For some reason, I was terrified to turn 18 and be an adult with all these responsibilities when at the time, I couldn’t even nourish and look after myself. I began to realise as years went by, that nothing really changed since being an adult. I mean yes you have a few more bigger responsibilities but I think I just had this overwhelming picture in my head of what I had to do and be like when it didn’t really have to be like that exactly. I used to hate my birthday being in the fall because it was never sunny but I have really began to embrace the month it is in and I love it. I wouldn’t change it at all now.

8. Night walks

I love to have a nice comforting dinner, wrap up warm then head out for an evening stroll in the dark. Then come back and get into my PJs and have a hot chocolate. Nothing is literally better than this.

9. Hot drinks

Hot chocolates, spiced lattes, apple & cinnamon tea. I love all the festive drinks around this time and I’m so happy that there are a lot more vegan options this year too.

10. Planning for Christmas and the new year

Again, I used to be scared for new year feeling like I had to have these massive expectations and new years resolutions which I believe is so untrue. You do not even need to have any new years resolutions and that’s okay. I now just look at tiny goals I want to achieve throughout the next year then plan how I will do it but I will not always set a time limit as I feel sometimes I can put too much pressure on myself. Although having a rough time limit and a ‘how will I do it’ plan is good for me without the extra added pressure. I love to plan new goals and some of this can be as fun as you make it. I like to make wish lists and new home décor which is still goals I would like to achieve and planning for me.

What are your favourite things about autumn?

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