4 Things I’ve Stopped Doing

I’ve realised that I start many things before I have actually finished the first thing but I think that is just one of my personality traits and over excitement and I think I’m okay with that. But I do want to actually get some things done before starting something else so that I am not bogged down with lots of different tasks and feeling overwhelmed. Here are 4 things I have/ want to stop doing.

1) Firstly, I would like to stop reading more and more books before I’ve finished the previous one. Currently I like to read a fiction book alongside a non – fiction book but it seems as though I have seen loads of new books and decided to start them all at once. This really doesn’t work lol, so I don’t recommend it. I end up getting confused and lost between the books.

2) Secondly, buying too many books at once. I have a thing where I like to stock up on books but I’ve grown to realise that I don’t really need any more than 2 books to get started on at the same time. I had a habit of seeing lots of books I wanted to read and buying them before they disappear. When logically its best to buy them at a later date because a) I may change my mind, b) I am not storing millions of books everywhere and c) they will be cheaper as time goes on.

3) Hoarding crap I don’t need. Yes I used to have a big thing for this. I used to say to myself, what if I need it or I could use it for this and that when really that never happens and it was just another excuse for me to keep it. I used to keep all sorts of things that had no use, I really didn’t use for anything and definitely didn’t spark joy but for some reason I was so afraid to get rid of it. I have always been incredibly interested in minimal living and the minimalistic concept and it wasn’t until recently I have really tried to adapt to it. I was kind of cheating before by keeping so much rubbish and buying things I didn’t really love. I now realise less is definitely more and I feel so much better for it.

4) Buying stock up products. This is a big no no for me now. Again I used to buy products whether its food, drink, beauty products or toiletries to stock up. I used to say “oh its only £1” or “its on an offer at the moment I may as well get it”. But it all honestly, I didn’t need it. I now do not do this and I only buy products when I am literally almost out. I wont let myself run out completely if its an essential but I will definitely not stock up as much as I ever did before.

What kind of things would you like to stop doing? I would love to hear in the comments!

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