Vegan range at Superdrug

Over the past few months, I have been going through my beauty products and replacing things to more sustainable products. Not so long ago, I was looking at super drug at some products and realised how big their vegan and cruelty – free section is they they have recently brought out. I was amazed at how much they had! I decided to buy a new vitamin E cleanser to give it a go before but more products. And wow it’s amazing and the aroma the whole vitamin E range is incredible.

Shortly after, I went back to pick up some more products as I am making sure everything I use now is cruelty – free and vegan. Below I will be showing you some of the products I picked up and how they have worked for me.

Hand cream

The hand cream I picked up was the almond oil and … one and it is insane. It smells lovely and it works like a charm. I wanted to trial a new hand cream before winter approached completely as I do suffer with eczema and chapped hands a lot more during the winter. I started using this hand cream and I saw results within just a couple of uses. It dries really quickly and leaves my hands silky smooth.

Foot cream

Another thing I struggle with is to get smooth heels on my feet, so when I saw this foot cream of course I wanted to give it a try and see how well it worked for me. Again it works so quickly and you can see great results after only a couple of uses. This cream has a peppermint aroma so it just leaves my feet feeling so clean and refreshed. It is perfect for the summer months when your feet just need a little cool down and freshen up. For best results, I use the foot cream every night before bed.

Feminine spray & wash

I invested in a feminine a new feminine spray that cruelty – free and whilst I was looking I noticed the whole feminine section that super drug had. I decided to pick up the feminine wash which is completely natural and irritation free. I have read so much recently about using fragrance free and natural products for feminine care and I have noticed such a difference since switching things over.

Night cream / day cream

I’ve picked up two of the moisturisers; the day and the night cream. They both work so well! the day one is of course a bit thinner than the night cream but I find both creams thin and dry quickly but locks in a good layer of moisture which is just what I need. I use them every night and I am trying to use it in the morning when I wake up too (when I not forgetful).

Hair mask

The vegan hair mask from super drug comes in a small packet for single use only. The Argan oil mask is really good. It smells great and works well! The only thing that would be better is if it came in a pot with multiple uses so it saves buying loads of packets to reduce packaging. Also to possibly have a mask that wasn’t for oily hair.

Face mask

Superdrug at the moment also have a fairly new face mask range which is usually near the tills. They have a range of different masks from coffee, to avocado & oat to kale and coconut. How incredible do they all sound?! When I picked one up, I decided to try the avocado & oat mask. It is a thick mask but oh my does it give my face exactly what it needs!


Next I switched over to a natural deodorant which was something I wanted to do for a long time as I don’t believe in putting so many harsh chemicals on to your skin let alone your underarms which is such a sensitive area. I currently switch between 3 deodorant which two are shop bought the sensitive deodorant from Superdrug, Aloe Vera Faith In Nature natural deodorant and finally a prescription aluminium deodorant. The reason I use different deodorants is because I will use the aluminium deodorant for 2 days then then I will not use it for two days which is where I switch to a shop bought deodorant then back to the aluminium one and I repeat that cycle.

Face wipes

Face wipes are an essential for removing make up and Superdrug have nailed a good selection of wipes just for that. They range from micellar wipes to cleansing wipes to dry, sensitive and normal skin type wipes. I have tried the micellar wipes which are great for literally removing every little bit of makeup. I used to use the Wilkinson’s facial wipes and I was always left with make up on my skin still so even though these are 40p cheaper per pack, they are a much better investment for me.

Face cleanser

This was one of the first things I picked up which really made me to look further into purchasing more of the vegan range at Superdrug. I was amazed by the results that were shown so quickly. I love to use a liquid cleanser and this one has worked so well for me so I will definitely be purchasing this one again.

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