Things I would Like to Do More Mindfully

Living mindfully has so many benefits. I have tried it yet I still need to remind myself to slow down sometimes when I am rushing like there is no tomorrow. I think my biggest problem is that I like to get everything out of the way. But by doing this I feel like I have a) rushed everything b) sometimes the task isn’t done as best as it could’ve been and c) I feel overwhelmed because I am rushing so much.

Living a mindful life allows you to slow down and really focus on the things you are doing. You become more in touch with yourself and your surroundings. Being mindful also enables you to feel more calm, less stressed, an increase in enhanced mental well-being and increased awareness.

Below are a few things I would like to start doing mindfully.

Eat mindful

This is something I haven’t ever really been able to do. For some reason I always eat so fast and I mean soo fast. I have always been like this so when I try to eat slow I find it very difficult. By eating slower I will allow myself to really indulge and savour every bite of whatever meal I have cooked. I will stop getting indigestion and I will allow myself to feel full naturally. When eating fast, I finish my meal way before I am actually full and reach for more food. This is because it takes at least 20 minutes for your body to realise when you are actually full and satisfied. This is something I definitely am going to work on gradually.

Walk mindful

Another thing I rush all the time is walking. I walk so fast to wherever I have to be, even if I have plenty of time or if it is only down the road. Why? Because I feel like I need to get everything done quicker which isn’t always the best outcome. By walking a little bit slower I will be able to observe and take in my surroundings either that being in the city or in nature. I will also enable myself to have more energy as I will not be rushing from place to place.

Do tasks slower

You can apply this to anything. I mostly want slow down the tasks that can be done more mindfully and engage me to feel better and more relaxed. For example, a slower shower, a longer bath, washing the dishes mindfully, doing art or reading tasks slower and finally having a slower wind down routine for the evening.

What would you like to do more mindfully?

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