Bath & Bristol Spa Retreat

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After Christmas all that is needed sometimes is a little relaxation. Before Christmas I booked 2 trips away for the new year before going back to university hitting those assignments and deadlines again. I know university is going to begin to get harder from here and I will need to fully focus on it.

With that in mind, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to go away in February half term or even Easter so planning an early trip away was my way of celebrating the half terms beforehand (oops). Already celebrating finishing modules bearing in mind, I don’t know all of my grades and feed back yet lol. I’m hoping I did well so lets just go with it.


My little spa retreat consisted of 2 nights in Bath and 3 nights in Bristol. I was so looking forward to visiting Bath as I have been wanting to go there for so long and lets just say I wasn’t disappointed at all. Bath was amazing! I loved the shops, the vibe and the things to do there. It just seemed like a mini London and in such a good location to get to literally anywhere! Unlike living in the South West of England, everything is miles and miles away.

The hotel we stayed at in Bath was the most relaxing place I have ever stayed! We stayed in ‘No 15 Great Pulteney’, located just under 0.2 miles from Bath city center, so pretty close to everything. Standing outside the hotel, I was just like wow, im liking this already before even heading inside. Well it looked insane. The hotel was just so nice and relaxed, lovely service and just felt so homely.

The room was also just everything we needed. A lovely cosy room, memory foam pillows, mattress and duvet and a coffee machine for a coffee addict like myself. Oh and 24/7 Sky TV which consisted of us staying up until 2AM watching movies and crime shows.

During our stay in Bath, it consisted of visiting the Roman baths, a spa morning, shopping and eating good food and lets just say a not so good late- night takeaway (never again). Although we didn’t book the hot tub and sauna, we were so lucky that they were able to squeeze us into a time slot on the second morning. I am pretty damn gutted I didn’t get a photo to show the spa on here but the one below is good enough I suppose. The spa was just like I was in a little log cabin; everything was wooden and just the most relaxing place to be. During our stay we have decided to definitely come back to the Great Pulteney and with that in mind, I would love to book a massage treatment as a little treat.


During our stay in Bath, our favourite place to eat had to be this Thai chain called ‘Thaikhun‘. I hadn’t heard of it before and me being me, obsessed with Thai food, of course I wanted to try it. Neither of us were disappointed! My partner had ribs, chips & saw and I had a vegan dish which was veggie spring rolls for a starter and coconut curry and coconut rice for main. Then for drinks we both ordered a couple of gin & cucumber cocktails which was just insanely refreshing. Despite the curry being a little too spicy for my liking, I completely recommend it if you like a bit of spice. I’m currently sat here praying I go to Bath sometime soon to go to Thaikhun again.


The next day we sadly had to leave Bath. Travelling ten minutes on the train, we were in Bristol. I never realised how close they were to each other so with time to spare before check- in we got a feel for the area and went to Bristol aquarium.

During our stay we also visited a few museums, took a look around book stores and ate so much food out. The amount we ate out was ridiculous. I came back home just wanting bowls of vegetables and home cooked food.

Looking back to before December, it seemed like just a stressful time for both me and my partner so enjoying Christmas then knowing we were going away for just under a week was such a relief. I can see that it has definitely done us both some good.

Sometimes all that is needed is a little bit of time away somewhere new or somewhere you love and don’t go often. A change of people, a change of scene and a change of atmosphere. We can get so caught up in our daily lives feeling overwhelmed and we forget to take a step back from reality and actually relax. If you can get the chance to go away somewhere, do it! Refresh yourself then come back with a whole new mindset. It’s totally worth it.

R x

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