Things I have stopped worrying about with blogging

I started my blog at the start of 2016 and throughout my blogging journey, there has been little things that have worried me and at times have stopped me from blogging. My main setback has got to be confidence. I feel sometimes I am so confident and on top of the world and everything is going rosy but then other times I feel whatever I post isn’t ‘good enough‘, or the best it could be and that people may be judging it. This means before I post something whether it being a photo, blog post or even a story; I have to check it a million times before posting it to make sure it actually is okay to go up. I’m sure I am not the only one that does this.

At times, this is still something I do, but I have definitely stopped this compared to the extent I was doing it before.

I guess I will get those days like everyone else does who feels good about what they do and other days when that is just not the case. Its only natural. I just have to remind myself that what I do may be different to other people’s work but that doesn’t mean its rubbish, it’s just different and that is totally okay. Not everyone will like what I do and that is okay too. Further into my blog post I will be discussing the other three main things I have completely stopping worrying about with blogging.

1. It having to be a certain amount of words.

Throughout my early stages of blogging and writing for Taylor Magazine, I always felt like I had to write a certain amount of words. If I did my brain would be like ‘This must automatically be better‘. This definitely isn’t the case. I’ve grown to realise that it is not about how much you write, it’s definitely the quality of what you write. This often held me back from writing as I would be like ‘today I don’t have the time or the mental capacity to write 600+ words. I’ll leave it until tomorrow’. Which obviously was never the case.

Now when I want to write a blog post I will just start it. As easy as that. Get a title down and draft some ideas. That is the simplest thing to do. Getting down whatever I am thinking in my head. I then start planning it further and just carry on writing a little bit at a time.

By changing my mindset of how many words I actually need to write has helped me so much. I feel now I am writing so much more because I am not constantly worrying ‘I didn’t write enough words’.

Sometimes I like to write short blog posts and some a little longer depends on the subject. If you are thinking like I was, then just know that it is 100% the quality and not the quantity.

2. What subject to blog about

Sometimes whilst blogging I would wonder about what to blog about and I felt like sometimes I pressured myself to write specific content. I guess I am easily influenced by others and sometimes I get that ‘I’m not good enough feeling‘ and feel like I need to create content like other people. Now I am completely the opposite and I produce content which I am truly interested in and passionate about and what I believe could help inspire others whilst also having some meaning to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to browse through other people’s blogs; see what they are up to and gather inspiration but I try to realise that whatever they are writing about is their specific topic and that’s good for them but it may not be my mine.

3. What others think about what I’ve written or produced

This is something that has been the hardest to overcome. I love to write and of course I want people to read my work. But then I get this sense of overwhelming-ness (If that’s a word) of ‘omg what are people thinking’ ‘what if they will not like me anymore’ ‘what if they think what I’ve produced is stupid’.

I now think, so what if people think that. This is my blog and personal space and I’ll create whatever I like. There will always be people out there that will be better than me at something and there will always be people who will think differently, will disagree and they may well not like you. But don’t let that stop whatever you love to do.

This is your life. Create it how you want it to be.

Photos by Alan Lockhart

2 thoughts on “Things I have stopped worrying about with blogging

  1. Another fabulous blog, spoken from to heart and with great passion,, I am so proud to be able to call Rebecca a true special friend, a role model and inspiration to others, keep doing what your doing Becks you are an amazing person xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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