How I Like to Cheer Myself up on a Bad Day

Lets talk about bad days. Unfortunately we all have them and that kinda sucks. When I used to have a bad day I used to think everything was falling apart and that the world was going to end. Slightly dramatic but its true. I realised I never really knew how to take a bad day and what things actually helped me to feel better so I was constantly just stuck in rut.

Learning to manage a bad day with the things that you enjoy, will instantly make you feel better and benefit you so much but it is just a matter exploring what works best for you. Below I will share some things that help me on a bad day and hopefully they may help you too.

1) Self care

This is a big one for me now and I cannot explain how much it has helped. Whenever I feel slightly off or having a bad day, one of the first things I do is self care and pamper. Personally depending on how much time I have and how low my energy levels are depends on how much self care I do but I like to try and do at least a few things.

I love to wash my face, put on a face mask, have a nice cosy bath, moisturise, wash my hair and paint my nails. Its the little things that make us feel better without even realising it. You do not have to go the whole hog and do every self care thing you can do, it could just be washing your face and getting into clean pyjamas for instance.

Self care is so underrated and I believe there are many misconceptions of what self care actually is. Self care for you could be saying no to plans because you want to be by yourself that day or not being around a negative situation or it could be a completely indulgent day for you and booking yourself a massage.

2) A nice comforting meal I enjoy

Getting the right nutrition is vital on a daily basis anyway but it is especially important on those bad days as certain foods can really affect your mood and wellbeing. Try to avoid processed food and eat whole foods. It has been said that fatty fish, whole grains, lean protein, leafy greens and yogurt with active cultures really combat and improve mental well being.

3) Retail shopping

This is definitely one of my down falls. I love to do a little bit of shopping now and again but I mean who doesn’t? Retail shopping can definitely help a bad mood but this isn’t always the case so try not to make it a habit and large amounts that you don’t need or make you happy.

4) Help someone else

When you can, helping someone with a small task can help boost your mood. It can be as small as something like making a phone call, making a cup of tea for someone, helping them with something that needs to get done or simply just listening and being around someone at that time.

5) Listen to podcasts and meditation

I have always loved podcasts and not until recently that I started to get into listening to it more regularly. I use the app ‘castbox’ which can be downloaded on the app store and I literally swear by it. I subscribe to all kinds of podcasts such as, health podcasts, meditation, sleep stories, minimalism podcasts, at home with etc. I also try to listen to a meditation every night before bed. I find it really sets me off for a good nights sleep and helps my mind not to wonder and overthink.

6) Nap

Lastly, getting a good nights sleep is very important anyway but if you sometimes need an extra boost then nap. People sometimes look down on people that have the occasional ‘afternoon nap’ and ‘oh you shouldn’t be tired at your age which is nonsense. If you need it, you need it. So do it. I like to occasionally have a nap and I genuinely feel so much more refreshed after it. Sleeping definitely does not get rid of any problems but it is going certainly helps boost your mood and energy levels.

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