My Health Goals For 2019

Another one of my goals this year is to take care of my health more. I mean I do already but I want to take it up a level you know.

Taking care of my health is a massive thing for me. I just always want to be the healthiest I can be and I will always do what I can to achieve that. Also living with a little bit of health anxiety, I always worry so much about my health so doing what I can to reduce that is very important to me.

Here are 10 health goals I want to work better at:

1. Drink more water

This seems easy enough and I mean it is for a short while before I reach for another fizzy drink. I don’t drink lots of frizzy but every now and again, I crave the fizz in carbonated drinks. I have recently switched to flavoured sparkling water instead of just the usual Fanta. I know drinking water has so many health benefits so I just need to remind myself to drink it. I can go from drink enough water to not drinking much at all so I really need to just keep ahead and make sure I’m drinking enough.

2. Stick to consistent skincare

I am usually quite good at keeping up woth my skincare routine but recently it has slipped. I want to get back into chilled evenings, relaxing with a book or a TV series with a face mask on. Those are the kind of evenings I live for.

3. Eat more fruit and veggies

Being vegan I do eat a lot of vegetables but I feel Just not as much as before. Back when I was eating more veggies, I was definitely reaping the benefits so you know, I’ve just got to get back to that.

4. Hit the gym consistently every week

The gym has been apart of my life for over 2 years now and I genuinely don’t know where I would be without it. The benefits of the gym has been incredible. stress- relief, improving confidence and self- esteem, getting that positive body image has just been great. The gym user to be a bit of a chore but I have began to find a routine that works for me and I couldn’t be happier. My goal is to stick to a combination of regular gym classes, cardio, strength training and yoga as well as a few outside sports every fee months. I am usually good at hitting the gym but going away and then coming back to it is the hardest. Got to keep to that positive mindset and remember why I started.

5. Go for more early morning/ evening walks

I love doing this! It literally sets my day up to be so positive or end my evening feeling so refreshed and ready for the day ahead. I don’t do this as often as I like due to the weather not being it’s finest and wanting to be a hermit. But as the weather picks up and lighter evening arise, I shall be definitely engaging this into my routine.

6. Stick to my meal plan more

I found having a meal plan made me feel less anxious thinking, ‘what am I going to have for tea’. I realised I would spend half the day debating what I would have instead of actually getting on with my day. Also by keeping a meal plan, it helped me budget and shop a lot better for each week. My meal plan changes from time to time depending on my needs and I have found it to have benefits in my energy levels, mood and physical state. I know what it’s done for me in the past so it’s just about sticking to it properly.

7. Take more care of my mental state and wellbeing

For me this is something dips in and out. Sometimes I’m great at looking after my mental well-being and sometimes not as much. Being more aware now, I feel I can figure out when I need to have more ‘me time’ or when I need to look after my mind more. I want to get back in to daily mediation and yoga again, coming out of my comfort zone more, meeting new people and expand on g_m social skills, visit more new places on my own, work on self development and just in general engage more awareness in what is good for my wellbeing and what is not. What isn’t, I am gping to ditch. I’ve spent too much time with the things that is unhealthy for me.

8. Try make a new dish every week

Although I do not cook as much as I used to, cooking is one of my biggest hobbies. Being a former chef, I used to enjoy cooking so much. It was my passion and my life. I would cook every day;trying new foods, cooking new recipes and just cooking for people. It was great! However, due to falling ill with an eating disorder, I realised this career path at the time wasn’t health for me and decided to give it up for the time being. I’m not in the catering industry at the moment however I would like to be again in the future. Through my recovery,I have learnt to fall in love with cooking again despite what my irrational mind says about it. With this, I want to use the skills I have previously learnt and cook a new recipe or wish every week.

9. Develop a better night time routine and actually go bed earlier

Again I used to have a top notch kind of bedtime routine. I would be settled down by 9ish, in bed by 10 and falling asleep by 10:30. Somehow that all changed when my poor sleeping traits and habits kicked in again. I began to not feel tired, staying up until gone midnight watching tv series, not taking care of my skin, waking up late and just feeling fatiguedand slouchy the next day. With that past me, I am so ready to get back into a better sleep routine like I used to and be a hermit by 10:30 🙂

10. Look after my gut health more

This something I never really used to know much about but until watching a few youtubers recently, general research and having a few digestive problems I want to take better care of my gut health more. I have looked into in further and I am going to start some prebiotocs and probiotocs to see if this has an impact in not only my gut health but also my mental state and digestive problems.

All photos by Alan Lockhart

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