Ways to Relax After a Long Day


It is so important to wind down after a long exhausting day. For me if I do not do this, I feel overwhelmed and just too busy thinking about too many things. I’m addition, isn’t the feeling of winding down doing relaxing things after a long day just one of the best things ever?

Sometimes after a long day, all you want to do is collapse in bed and just binge watch Netflix. Although this seems great at the time, it isn’t the best for your health as it can lead to a poor nights sleep. So having a good night time routine is good for your mind and body. Having a wind down routine relieves stress & anxiety, keeps your mood balanced, strengthens the immune system and amplifies your creativity and attention span.

If you’re unsure of how to wind down or need a few ideas, I’m hoping this blog post will help you.


Get prepared for the next day

This is something I have always done but when I do not do this task, I feel so out of sync, unorganized and very stressed. Getting things ready for the next day doesn’t have to be the longest task. It could just be getting out what you will wear, preparing your bag, preparing meals for the next day and simply just having a little tidy up so you go to bed feeling calm knowing your house isn’t messy to wake up to.


Watch a TV show for a little bit

Watching a little bit of your favourite TV show can be really comforting and settle you down which is a good thing after a long day. But don’t get too into it and binge watch it until 1AM (I’ve been there). As tempting as it is, your health will suffer. One thing I have stop doing, is watching TV in bed or in the bedroom. If I want to watch TV or a film, I watch it in the living room and keep my bedroom for sleeping.

Have a shower or a hot bubble bath

Having a shower or a bath is one of the best things you can do for you mind and body after a tiring day. Just being able to relax and shut off for a little bit before completing your evening. Set the mood and put on some candles, burn an incense stick or put on a dim light. Make yourself a hot drink and get into some comfy pj’s. I have been obsessed with my new ‘Portia the pig’ onesie from Onesieful. It is the comfiest things ever seriously! I love just coming home, having a shower and getting straight into it.

Onesieful is an Irish brand which specialises in the most amazing and creative onesies. They have such a range of onesies from characters and animals for men, women and even kids.


skincare routine

I love a good skincare routine. I am a massive fan of taking good care of my skin and always make sure I put the most natural ingredients on my skin. I firstly cleanse my face, put on a good face mask then follow up with a serum, eye cream and facial oil/moisturiser. A skincare routine is completely different to everyone so just do whatever is best your your body and needs. A good skincare routine is definitely underestimated but it is one of the best things you can do for your body.

Bedtime yoga

Yoga has been a part of my life for years. After doing gymnastics in school, I started getting into yoga and meditation which has been incredible to my well-being. I love to go to yoga classes on the weekend as well as incorporate a bit of yoga at home too. I often follow YouTube videos for yoga but I have recently downloaded an app called ‘Keep Yoga’ which allows you to access many yoga videos for different things. My personal favourite is the morning and bedtime yoga routine.


Relax in bed with my oil diffuser

Using essential oils for your health and mental well-being has been proven to have so many benefits. I recently purchased an oil diffuser after having it on my wish list for so long and it hasn’t disappointed me at all. In the daytime I diffuse an uplifting essential oil such as orange or grapefruit and then in the evening I use an organic lavender oil or chamomile which helps relax me and literally sends me into such a peaceful sleep. Essential oil diffusers don’t have to be expensive, there are many of different price ranges on the market to choose from. Personally I wanted one at first with smoke and water but now I am not fussed by the one I have as it does a perfect job. I picked my essential oil up at Holland & Barrett for £14.99.

If you do not think an essential oil diffuser is for you, there are plenty of other ways to use these oils to keep relaxed. You can put the oils in your bath, use an essential oil pillow spray/room spray, you could use the oil on your skin or just put the oil onto a flannel or your blanket.


Read or listen to a meditation

I used to be the person that would be on their phone in bed right up until the moment I was ready to sleep. Now that is a no go for me. I go on my phone in the evening then gradually come off it and use other ways to wind down. I love to get stuck into a book then listen to a meditation before dropping off. Recently I have been listening to an audio book too which I am completely in love with. You do not have to read millions of pages it could just be a couple to set you off or you could literally read anything from magazines, blurbs or even a poem book; as long as you are away from screen time.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to do all of the above things, but I do not do every single one every night. I have realised being flexible with my days is good for me but knowing I still have a routine.

What is your favourite way to wind down after a long day?

This post is in collaboration with- Onesieful (a huge thank you to them for sending me the most perfect onesie)

Photos by- Alan Lockhart

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