Weekend Sweet Treat With Curiosity in Cocoa

Again its been a while since I have been on the blog but sometimes that just happens when things crop up and get in the way. I have had to put things on hold while I prioritise my time in other areas of my life. I have had to fully focus on work and prepping for my university exam and hand-ins. Lets just say thank goodness that is over! But now that is all completed, I am so excited to get stuck into little projects again over the summer. I have had so many ideas for my blog and Instagram, I just couldn’t wait to finish for summer to get started on them.

Today I am here with a little review post from a company called ‘Curiosity in Cocoa’ which was founded very recently in Devon, UK. Dougg Grig, the founder and I have known each other quite a few years when we met whilst we were both working at the River Cottage Canteen on Royal William Yard. He had kindly contacted me to sample a few of his products that he had recently just trialed. Me being a chocolate fan, love to try new vegan products and wanting to honestly give my opinion, of course I said I was interested. I also absoutely love to support small businesses.

I kindly got sent 3 products from him which were also kindly made especially vegan for me so I was able to try them. (thank you Doug!!) All of the products and other editions are available on Etsy.

The products I received were:

  1. A hot chocolate moustache stirrer
  2. Chocolate soil
  3. Sea salt dark chocolate bar

All of the products looked so tasty and I do quite like the earthy, rustic packaging with the handmade wax pieces. I love how eco friendly and sustainable the packaging is. I feel possibly the packaging could maybe look more compact or something else on the packets but overall I think it is great and they certainly look appetizing. I also love how every product is made with very natural and minimal ingredients and no additives. This is a must for me so I was super keen to try these out.

The first thing I tried was obviously the dark chocolate sea salt bar and oh my god, it was literally heaven! I could’ve eaten it all in one sitting but I wanted to save it and be fully mindful of the food. It was the perfect balance of salt with sweetness. It wasn’t too bitter at all with the added salt and you really got a kick of salt on the aftertaste which I loved! This was definitely my favourite product by far.

The second product I tried was the chocolate moustache stirrer. I love these sorts of things that you can just dip into hot milk. The design was so delicate and pretty, almost too good to dunk in hot milk. I tried the chocolate stirrer with oat milk and it was so good but very very rich so if you like rich hot drinks, this is the one for you. I also recommend stirring it fully before drinking so you do not end up with big lumps of chocolate like mine but either way it was such a nice tasty weekend sweet treat. I definitely could not have this on a regular basis as it was so rich and indulgent but as a little treat or if you are feeling like you need a sugar kick this is a good option.

And lastly, the final product I received and tried was the chocolate soil. At first I was a little bit confused on this product. I was not sure what to do with it or put it with but with a little bit of trial and error I found some ideas. Sometimes I did have a little much of the soil on it own as it is so good literally on its own but most of the time, I added it to porridge, snack bowls, desserts, cereals and I made a granola recipe with it. This product is so tasty again and I truly recommend all three for a delicious sweet treat.

I just want to say a huge congrats to Doug for started your own chocolate business and a big thank you for allowing me to try these three yummy goodies. I was not disappointed!

*This post is in collaboration with Curiosity in Cocoa*

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