Why I Switched to Organic Cotton

Organic cotton has been around since the 90’s but it is only recently that it has been more and more talked about and its wellness benefits. There are so many benefits to it that are so much more sustainable and better for our bodies but there is still not enough awareness for people.

It’s believed one of the main reasons why people tilt more towards conventional cotton products and clothing is because of the price of it and individual budget. Organic cotton can be more expensive but this ultimately depends where you shop for your organic products. And secondly, people don’t opt towards organic food and products because they are unaware of it health benefits as well as environmental benefits.

If you love animals, care about what goes on your body, are worried with the welfare of others or the environmental impact then keep reading to find out why organic cotton can be beneficial and the impact it has. Wearing organic fabrics has a massive positive impact on your health and the health of our planet.


First of all I’ll give you my story:

I have always been interested in health and wellness, especially holistic health and using natural remedies. I truly care so much about what I put in my body from the inside and what I put on my body from the outside. Over the past few years, I have gradually been more and more in tune with health and nutrition topics and always wanting to broaden my knowledge on holistic health and wellness and whats the best I can do for my body. I started to research more into it and really look at the ingredients on food packets and other products then looking at the consequences of specific ingredients. I am now fully aware of what I am putting on my body and how I react to certain things.

The second part I looked in to a lot was organic products.  After doing so much research and watching documentaries, I have been given such a huge insight on the impact of conventional cotton fabrics. Also due to suffering with eczema since I was a baby, I have to be so so careful what I put on my skin and what I digest so I do not upset my body. I began to look into organic products and because I don’t have a big budget to spend, it took quite a while to find brands that were using organic cotton but still affordable. I started switching to organic cotton reusable face pads, cotton buds, flannels, underwear, t.shirts and bags.

Luckily my research was successful and I have now managed to find a few brands that I love. One big thing that I did, was not to feel like I need to buy everything at once and completely switch every product or item of clothing I have at once because lets be honest that would be expensive and not realistic at all. I began to switch a few items here and there every so often. With only buying every so often, in the meantime I was able to research brands and products that were most important at that time and fully making sure the product was a good condition and would last a long time. I wanted to make sure if I was spending the money on an item, it would be something that I would get a lot of use out of and last a long time. This meant that I was able to save in between purchases and I was able to only buy the items that I really liked and needed. Also being passionate about reducing fast fashion, purchasing a few good quality pieces that may be a little more money but will last longer and definitely help towards sustainability made me happy. I truly believe less is more. Don’t get me wrong, its been a couple of years and I still haven’t switched everything and that is totally okay. I am still buying little things here and there but it is a slow process and I am just thankful and happy that I am making the change to switch my products and clothing for a more sustainable life and planet as well as better health conditions. A little improvement here and there can do the world of good. Whatever you are changing, don’t ever feel like you have to do it all at once because we need to be realistic to make sustainable long term changes.

Now that I have shared a little bit of my story, lets get into why switching to organic is beneficial for your health and our planet.

  • It reduces your exposure to hazardous insecticides and pesticides

Conventionally grown GMO cotton is one of the most toxic crops in the world. It makes up only 2.5 percent of global cropland, yet it accounts for up to 25 percent of the world’s use of insecticides. Secondly, GMO cotton is sprayed with a large amount of Monsanto’s roundup herbicide. The active ingredient in roundup is Glyphosate which is classified as ‘possibly carcinogenic to human’s’. Glyphosate has also been linked to metabolic syndrome, obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, cancer and depression. Organic cotton farmers use only organic-approved fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides from plants and minerals to prevent pests and diseases. This helps reduce the risk of health issues, while also protecting farm workers and reducing environmental pollution.

  • Organic cotton is much better and softer for your skin

Due to organic fabric using less pesticides and insecticides, there will be less toxic chemicals on the material which means your skin will not be suffocated with these harmful chemicals.

  • Protects global water and energy resources

It takes 1,800 gallons of water to produce enough cotton for just one pair of jeans. In fact, the water needs of cotton are so high that cotton production has contributed to the draining of the Aral Sea in Central Asia. However, organic cotton has a much lower environmental footprint. Production of organic cotton takes 71 percent less water and 62 percent less energy than the production of conventional GMO cotton. The difference to our planet it could make by just switching to organic products is crazy.

  • Organic cotton helps provide better working conditions for cotton farmers

Conventional cotton farms have been known to be linked to numerous human rights violations. In Uzbekistan, the environmental justice foundation found a range of human rights abuse and violations in the industry.

  • Give you peace of mind

Choosing products and food made from organic ingredients gives you peace of mind, knowing that the items you wear or use are non-toxic to you and the environment. It also means you don’t contribute to human rights violations. By choosing organic products it also makes you feel good knowing you are making a difference in the world. So there you have it, changing to organic cotton does has so many benefits on our health, wellness and planet. I thought I would share a few of my favourite and very affordable stores to buy organic cotton produce.

  1. Green Fibres – certified organic
  2. Sancho’s – certified organic cotton, linen and bamboo
  3. Mango – have a range of 100% organic cotton items
  4. Monki – have a range of 100% organic cotton items
  5. H&M – have a conscious collection made from organic cotton and other recyles and sustainable materials
  6. Thought clothing – certified organic

There are many other other if you have a higher budget such as: Bibico, People Tree, Kowtow, Beaumont Organic, Everlane, Sorella Organics and Noctu.

What item would be your first organic switch?

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