Life lately: Book cover shoot, getting my mojo back & getting sh*t done

So we are already over half way through August and I really can not even tell you where the time has gone. I say this all the time but on a serious note, the time is flying by yet I feel like it was only the new year last week.

When I think about it, I cannot really think of much I have done which makes me a little disappointed because when I was up the wall with university work and modules, I kept saying to myself, ‘I can’t wait to have time off uni to do all the things I want to but just haven’t had the time’. Although saying that, a few things have cropped up this summer that have been very challenging and to be honest this summer, all I have needed to do is take things slow and fully focus on my mental health and my well being as well as my partners. I think this summer has been the only summer where I haven’t beaten myself up for ‘not doing enough’ and ‘getting 20+ things done every single day and it has been so lovely to just relax and let each day come as go in it’s own way.


With that being said, I haven’t literally just sat there every day fiddling my thumbs and I have done a few things that have been very enjoyable as well as rewarding. Just before the summer, I was involved with another book cover shoot with a couple of good friends I know. This was the first photoshoot I had done in a long while so it was just lovely to just let my hair down, not worry about the little things I have been to do with appearance and body image which had previously stopped me from modelling, and literally have a little bit of fun and get creative. It will also be so rewarding when I get that email through saying it had successfully been put on a new book cover.

A few other things I got up to was, spending some time with my little brother and sister whilst visiting a new board game cafe that recently opened up in town. We sat there for hours just having fun, playing games and forgetting about the world and it was so refreshing. I met up with my closet friend for her birthday in July and to be honest I was pretty nervous. I absolutely love catching up with her, but nearer the day, I had this little sense of anxiety. I hadn’t been out much recently especially with groups of people so knowing I would be around some people I didn’t know made me shiver a little bit. But when the day arrived and I was there, I literally had no idea what I was getting anxious over or worried about,]. I had the best time talking to new people and just having a lovely evening. It made me realise that sometimes, you’ve just got to step out of your comfort zone. Do the things that make you a little shaky and frightened and just have fun in the process. You have nothing to lose!


Other than a few little day events here and there, I have just been working 6 evenings a week so time has been flying by. I have been trying to save some extra pennies recently to get by before starting uni again and so I can treat myself to small things now and again.

On the flip side, the past few months have been a bit up and down in terms of productivity. Some weeks started off great and I had been so productive and getting things done and well lets just say others, have been real lazy days where my flat is a tip, loads of errands that needed to be done but weren’t and I just felt so fatigued and unmotivated. It kind of went in a pattern of a few productive weeks then a few lazy weeks and back and forth but the past week or two I have really stepped up my game. I was a little fed up of feeling crappy and unproductive so I really took these emotions and lessons into practice to make a difference. Since then, I have made a few subtle changes and oh my can I see a huge difference already!! I have really started to get my sh*t together and I am loving this new person.


A few changes I made were:

  • getting straight up when I first wake up rather than going back to sleep. This is usually between 6-8 am which means I can get a few things done before the day has even started
  • I stopped lazing in bed until the late morning and just got up and started doing things
  • I get outside early pretty much every morning to start my day
  • I have started to say no to things that I do not want to do and express my feelings if I am not happy with something (this has been a game changer for me, I feel so much more assertive and content)
  • following the rule, if it takes less than a minute to do, just get it done now
  • I have always been in touch with my spirituality but it is not until recently that I have been just doing it whenever and not caring what others may think. I have been using crystal healing, getting back into my meditation routine, listening to affirmations, getting into all kind of podcasts, using the law of attraction and manifestation, practicing yoga and all kinds of things.
  • Journaling at least everyday about different kinds of things
  • Reading a few inspiring books
  • I have been educating myself through lots and lots of research and it has been so inspiring
  • getting stuck into a few good Netflix series with a good mug of hot drink
  • and finally just finding the time for some ‘me time’ has been the best. Even if its 10 minutes here and there or if I wake up and hour earlier each morning

As for the rest of the summer, I have one month left until I go back to university so I am planning a few little things such as IKEA to get some more fittings for my wardrobe, catching up with some friends and a little bit more self care, because you never have too much right?

I hope you find the time this summer to experience some joyful moments and really look after yourself and make some precious memories!

Love always

R xx

Photos by Alan Lockhart

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