A Blogger Night at The Barbican Leisure Park

At the end of last month, (better late than never). I was invited along with a small group of other local bloggers from Plymouth, to spend the evening meeting each other, having a good laugh and exploring the Barbican Leisure Park in Plymouth.

This was such an great opportunity for myself and others to get to know each other with similar interests. It was also a great opportunity, because I was able to really step out of my comfort zone and meet a range of new people. I have always struggled with that so it was just so nice to meet a group of lovely people. Plus, it really boosted my confidence so thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcome and for Daniel at Carousel for organizing the event. Since the event we have all kept in contact and attend other events together as well as catching up and supporting each other on the gram. It is crazy to even say, that I feel like I have known some of these girls for a long time when we only met last month – that is how well we get on with each other and I couldn’t have been more grateful for this opportunity.

IMG_20191121_161659_859 (1).jpg
The blogger group

Now that’s out of the way, lets get into the juicy bit and tell you all what we got up to that evening!

The evening started at around 6pm where we all met at Tenpin for a game of bowling and a drink. And of course the mandatory mini photoshoot for the gram. If you know, you know. We got to get to know a bit about the other bloggers there as well as finding out more about their blogs and interests. As it was quite a small group, it was really nice to talk and get to know each and every blogger there as well as having a lot of fun in the meantime.

blog bowling .jpeg
Tenpin Bowling

After a successful game of bowling we all headed over to Nando’s for our starters which were kindly all gifted to us from the Nando’s team. We had a range of appetizers such as, pitta breads with dips & hummus, olives, chicken wings and halloumi fries.


We then went next door to Pizza Express for our mains and by this time we were all so hungry! Again, we were kindly gifted a meal from their menu. Turns out, I think we all decided on pretty much the exact same pizza. Margherita is a classic for a reason I guess. We all thoroughly enjoyed our mains but after eating so much in Nando’s beforehand, it became a struggle towards the end oops. That’s probably why they say don’t eat too much before dinner but hey ho. If you’re eating out, it’s got to be done, right?

Pizza Express
Classic vegan margherita

Throughout our meals, we continuously chatted about life in general, food, the blogging world and a little bit more about food whilst taking pictures of our food. Ironic. We all spoke about so much that by the time we finished up our food and drinks, we realised it was 10pm and it was definitely time to wrap up the evening and start heading home.

Being able to have this blogging event at the Barbican Leisure Park in Plymouth at such a great location with a varied amount to do and eat & drink was great.

Whatever the occasion is, there is no doubt you’ll find somewhere at the Barbican Leisure Park you can go to eat to suit the whole family or the group you are going with. For things to do, there is the Tenpin bowling alley with an arcade inside that sells food and drink. Then you’ve also got a gym and fitness centre. Or the VUE cinema if you want to catch up on the latest movie or watch something to kill a bit of time. Moving onto food, you have Frankie & Bennies for American food, Nando’s for a classic chicken dish but also with a few veggie options. Bella Italia, Pizza Express and Pizza Hut for a timeless Italian meal. Or if you’re fancying a bit of Mexican food, why not try Chiquito’s. And for more of an ‘evening do’, right next to the night club ‘Pryzm’, you have a bar/cocktail place ‘Steinbeck & Shaw’. So if you are looking for an evening out and you are not quite sure where to go or what everyone’s cup of tea is, then do consider heading over to the Barbican Leisure Park for an evening of fun and a range of different places to choose from – right next door to each other.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Daniel at @carouselpr for arranging this blogger meet up with a group of local bloggers and different places to try. Also for coming all the way from Manchester just for the evening to come along with us.

Also a big thank you to Tenpin, Nando’s and Pizza Express for gifting us a game of bowling and a selection of different meals for us all to try.

And lastly, thank you to each and every one of the local bloggers that attended that evening. It was so lovely to meet everyone and make some great connections that I already know will last a long time.

Have you been to the Barbican Leisure Park yet?

All my love,

R x

*This was a gifted press event*

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