Why I Deleted my Instagram with 30K Followers to Make a Smaller Account

About a month ago, I deleted my big Instagram account and started fresh by creating a brand new account and it has been wonderful!

When I first started removing images and then finally deleted my account, I made a new one and started following people on it again. I received quite a few questions and remarks like ‘what, why are you doing that?!’ But it has honestly been the best decision I have made.

I know when people see this title, they will be like you’re insane.. but just hear me out until you have read the full post.

With everything going on with the Instagram expectations and algorithm, people would be seen mad to completely throw away an account that they have been working on for so long and with the amount of followers that I had. We have been in a part of reality recently where having more followers on Instagram is admirable and that it is a better account than those with a smaller following which is just so utterly false. People have been believing that you need to have a certain amount of followers to feel appreciated or worthy or beautiful. You need to have a certain amount of likes and followers to dream big and achieve anything you want to. You need to have a certain amount of likes to feel accepted. We have basically come to a point where having more followers makes you a better person and you will be loved more if you have more followers and likes. When on earth did this suddenly happen??

So lets just put it straight.. likes and followers do not determine what you can and cannot achieve. You are worthy, amazing and beautiful no matter how many likes you get on a photo. People will love you and admire you for just being you not based on how big you seem on social media. You can do anything you want to do, you do not need followers or likes to make you seem any better. You are amazing and great and valuable just the way you are!

Now that I have got that little rant out of the way, now I will be sharing a few of my main reasons for deleting my big Instagram account.

Decrease in engagement

When I first started my Instagram account back in 2014/15, my following and engagement grew so quickly without me actually doing that much. I loved it, I had no idea what I was doing but it was working just fine. Fast forward to late 2016/17 where my engagement slowly started to decrease and decrease to the point of me wondering what I was doing wrong. It decreased so much that when I did make a new account, my engagement was way better on my much smaller following than when I had 28K followers. Now if that isn’t mad, I don’t know what is. I just began to feel that what I was posting and sharing with the world wasn’t enough. I felt like what I was doing, was wrong. Also for my modelling, journalism and blogging career, it wasn’t getting me anywhere. I needed my content to be seen to give me further experience and work but my old account just wasn’t giving me that when there was no engagement whatsoever.

Less anxiety

As my followers grew, I noticed I become more and more anxious whenever I put something online for the world to see. I was constantly worrying whether it was okay to post, did it look right, do I look okay if it was a photo of myself, is everything written correctly, am I giving the best version or myself, am I giving off a good vibe, does the photo look aesthetic enough. My mind was constantly thinking about whether I was ‘good enough’. I would check through things again and again even after they had been posted, just to make sure it was ‘okay’. I was never satisfied with anything I put up and I was just always worrying about what people would think about the content and me as a person. The worrying just became too much. I wasn’t happy and it was affecting me too much when it really shouldn’t have been at all. Social media is a platform to share your life with the world, all the memories, the real-ness of life and connect with people. But all I was doing, was worrying way too much about every little thing. Since making a brand new smaller account, my anxiety has decreased so so much! I don’t worry half as much as I used to. I don’t constantly check things x100 times before I feel I am ‘okay’ with it. Yes I still check things over a few times, but no way near to the extent beforehand. I now post exactly want I want to post and that worrying feeling like ‘what if people don’t like what I post, or what if they see me differently now’ is just not there. If someone follows me they like what I share with the world and if they don’t, then there is an unfollow button right there for a reason. But the point I wanted to make, is that my anxiety has got so much better to the point that if someone doesn’t like what I post or share then that is completely up to them. I am done with people pleasing and making sure I am perfect for everyone because that’s just so unrealistic and I realise that now. Not everyone will like everyone and everything and that is totally okay.

Getting rid of bad memories and feelings associated with that account to start fresh

Making a brand new account was an amazing opportunity to start completely fresh. At first I was so happy with that account and I loved to share parts of my life on it. However, during my difficult time going through anorexia and some mental health problems, I found it hard to still post and act like I was totally fine. Sometimes my head was so scrambled with emotions that it shown through my account and although so many people were amazing and so supportive I didn’t want my account to turn into a memory or perception like.. oh the girl with anorexia. Don’t get me wrong I admire so many people that share real life issues on such taboo topics like mental health, eating disorders and chronic illnesses. But for me I just found it so hard and because people were finding out I suffered from anorexia, I just found it so hard to post on that account at times. Back in 2015 when I was suffering from anorexia, it wasn’t spoken about on social media that much. It was such a taboo subject and it really felt like if you shared your struggles you are looking for sympathy which is just so wrong and oh boy am I glad that has changed now. On social media and Instagram now, it is applauded that people open up and share more on real life issues and that is just so bloody amazing! I am so happy that now as a society we are sharing more and more about the struggles some of us face and it is seen in a way to spread awareness. I completely admire people so much when they share a part of themselves that may be vulnerable in order to spread awareness and help others. But at the time of my account and having anorexia and some mental health problems, it was just so hard to open up and share the ‘real me’ and the struggles I was facing at that time. Due to my struggles, I found that my content went down hill. I wasn’t as consistent with my activity and my engagement went down a lot. When I first thought about making a new account, I couldn’t wait to just start fresh. I was so happy to be just put a completely new version of myself out there. Yes I am not perfect and I have struggled but I am literally such a different person now compared to 4/5 years ago. (And that’s in a good way). Looking back to now, I am just so much more confident, assertive, wise and just so true to myself and I couldn’t be happier that after some struggles I have blossomed to the person I have always wanted to be. Starting a fresh account has been the best thing for me and I think it’s going just fine!

More authenticity

Kinda following on from starting fresh, making a new account has been such a huge stepping stone for me. It has fully allowed me to just be so real and true to myself and be more authentic. All I have ever wanted to do was be authentic and share the truest and best version of myself out to the world. But with little worries and doubts here and there, at times it has been harder than ever. Now starting a fresh Instagram, it has just made it a whole lot easier as new people will see me from the beginning and not think back to.. oh she used to be like that. And I know old people from my previous account have followed me on my new account but they are the ones that I have wanted to keep in my life because they are the most supportive people ever. I really admire the people I follow on social media that share the truest version of themselves, the good times and the times they struggle. Being able to make a new account has allowed me to have a new mindset on what I want out of this account and what I can do to achieve anything I want to. I have managed to post new topics and things that I want to as well as following new accounts that inspire me but also to experiment with how to present myself online. It’s just crazy to think all the doubts I was having with my bigger account and now that I have started fresh, it has completely transformed my mindset, beliefs, wellbeing and social interaction.

Engage with new like- minded people

One thing I has loved from starting a brand new account, has been to connect and engage with so many like-minded people. Looking back, it was weird that on my old account, I wasn’t following many blogging accounts or people from my own city because of the fear of being judged. I was just following a bunch of people that had such different and random postings that wasn’t exactly even similar to what I was passionate about. Now I look back, I find that very odd. Fast forward to my new account, I am following so many like-minded people that are just so true to what I am passionate about. For example smaller independent businesses, influencers, bigger accounts that I just truly love, a lot more bloggers that really resonate with me and inspire me and I am actually following some people from my own city because let’s be honest, I have nothing about myself I need to hide so why should I? From making a smaller brand new account, I have managed to engage and connect with so many absolutely lovely, supportive and like-minded people and it has really just given me a whole new sense of contentment. It has been truly wonderful!

So there it is, a few of my main reasons and a little rant here and there as to why I deleted my bigger Instagram account to make a smaller one. I do apologize about my essay, that wasn’t intended at all but I hope you all enjoyed. I just want to thank you so much if you have read this all the way through. If you do resonate with anything I’ve said or just have a comment, I would really love to hear your thoughts and feedback. Also if you haven’t seen my new Instagram account yet, click onto my about me link at the top, then my contact page and the link will be right there.

All my love,

R x

2 thoughts on “Why I Deleted my Instagram with 30K Followers to Make a Smaller Account

  1. Rebecca this is such an amazing read with so many relatetable powerful facts and it so empowering to read the awareness as it is becoming much more apparent these days thanks to people like you bringing subjects that years ago were thought to be taboo. Do keep up with all the fantastic work you do as it is making such a big difference to all who need and seek help in numerous and varied ways, you are so inspirational Rebecca and a truly wonderful Human being.

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