A birthday trip to Windermere, Lake District

I have also loved to go away for my birthday or just spend the day somewhere new. I don’t know what it is about it but I just love it. So for my birthday this year, I visited Windermere in the Lake District. We had booked this little break away last year so I had been looking forward to it for a while now but the time had finally arrived. I had the loveliest time away there, exploring and just spending a few days somewhere completely new. As much as I loved my time away; it just went very quick. Two days travelling and two full days there was properly perfect to be honest.The journey up to Windermere was pretty long but due to be so prepared for the journey, it wasn’t too bad. My partner and I just got stuck into a good book with cups of tea with the rain trickling down the windows. It was perfect! I was so glad the weather was cold and gloomy because it was perfect to travel in. Don’t you just hate it when it is boiling hot and all you can smell is moist stuffy air whilst your clothes are sticking to you? Just the worst. Period.

With the journey being so relaxing getting totally stuck into my new book, by the time we had two train transfers and it hit 5pm, we were just so ready to get to the place we were staying at and put our feet up. We were staying in the ‘Howbeck & Retreat’ just 5-10 minutes away from Windermere’s main shopping area and 15-20 minutes away from ‘Bowness- on-Windermere’.

The Howbeck is in such a great location and very close to a range of shops, restaurants and the lake which was perfect. We went down to the lake everyday to take a walk, observe the incredible view and get some photographs on my camera.

Going back to The Howbeck, we really enjoyed our stay here. The staff were so welcoming, polite and happy to help with anything I needed. They were also very willing to accommodate my dietary requirements each morning. It was all planned and booked before which was much less stress nearer the time, knowing I had my breakfasts all sorted for the days that I would be staying there.

The facilities at The Howbeck were pretty good. There were breakfasts served there, a mini bar downstairs, a lounge and amazing rooms. They also had such a great connection with the local fitness and wellness centre with lots of different services you could use with your Howbeck pass which is free for all guests staying at The Howbeck. Unfortunately due to not feeling too well the first evening, we didn’t get a chance to go the health & wellness centre but I really hope there is a next time that I can experience this because it honestly does sound really good and definitely up my street.

I will get into the rooms in a minute because I have a lot of good things to say. But first, the only thing I would have liked to have there, was evening food. One evening we didn’t fancy going out to eat because we had only just arrived and we just wanted to have something quick and easy that was very close. So in the end we did end up popping to the local shop and picking up some pasta. I mean it did what it was meant to, but it would be been really nice to have an evening meal at the guesthouse.Now for the rooms! Where do I begin?? I was so impressed with our room – it was just perfect for us! It was such a cosy room with just enough space. We had a four poster bed and if that isn’t just one of the best things, I don’t know what is. I have always wanted to have a four poster bed to see what it is like and we did just that. The bed was super comfy and I was definitely excited about that! Then there was a smart TV which had all the channels and extra logins that we could use such as, Netflix, Amazon prime and BBC Iplayer.

The room was just so homely and cosy overall. Then the bathroom.. well what an incredible bath. I couldn’t believe that we had a spa bath in our room with jet bubbles. It was incredible and we basically spent a good few hours in there each evening. I mean it wasn’t a bath it was a personal hot tub with jet water in the room and to be honest it was great – we loved every minute of it.

Moving onto our first day, in the morning we woke up bright and early and headed downstairs for breakfast. The breakfasts served there were pretty damn good! I had a customized vegan breakfast which was cooked to perfection each day. And of course there was the usual continental options on the side too. For our first day we took a brisk walk down to the lake in the 2 degrees weather and gathered a few images on my camera. The views were just to die for. Even though I am a real city gal at heart, I do love a bit of countryside, nature and earthiness. It was perfect in Windermere city centre and Bowness-on-Windermere because it had both city like features and the countryside. After exploring the lake, we browsed in a few shops admiring all of the cute little independent shops *inserting heart eye emoji*, then of course we went into the Beatrix Potter museum. I had it planned before I had even left home but I mean we were there and I couldn’t just not go in right? Going here was just me reliving all of my childhood and it was the best – I loved it. The detail and thought put into the museum was just so beautiful and accurate.

After reminiscing the museum, we grabbed a bite to eat. This moment was probably the most disappointing moment of our little break away. If you read my stories on Instagram, you will know exactly what I mean by this. If you don’t know what I mean.. lets just say I was served food by a company that do not have any morals or ethics in which the dish was labelled incorrect with high risk allergens which is actually a food crime. Not only that, but they lied to me 5 times about the dish. But anyway, this has been dealt with in a very serious way and I am luckily feeling much better now and I have shown awareness on this topic. Anyway that’s enough of that, let get back into what else I got up to in the Lake District. After our meal we had a good long walk home, grabbed some dinner for later that evening and headed back to the guesthouse. We flopped straight onto the bed and put on a good movie before having a good ol’ (very much needed) bath. Straight out of the bath and into bed to get some well needed rest before waking up for my birthday.

I woke up and it was officially my birthday! Of course, another morning, another breakfast downstairs. We got ready and headed out for the day and I was pretty damn excited! Obviously we had got into a routine of going down to the lake each morning, so that was exactly what we did first of all. We took a few more pictures, went to the cutest little cafe and had a coffee and a light bite for lunch. I had the vegan flatbread and of course a oat chia latte whilst my partner had a mint tea and cheese pizza. It was such a cute little place and lets just say it was such a relief to go there compared to the restaurant the day before. And it was also so lucky I recovered from the food reaction by the morning so I could enjoy my birthday. On the way back from the cafe, we looked in a few shops and may have got the best birthday present (the softest and cosiest dressing gown from FatFace which I have lived in non-stop since, guilty).

I am all about self care and looking after yourself whatever way that may be for you. For me I am a pamper kind of gal so one of my favourite things to do is to get a massage or skin treatment so that is just what I did on the way back to where we was staying. I had found this cute this place where I got a 45 minute face massage and treatment which was just so lovely and oh boy did I feel great afterwards! I also had the longest conversation about so many things with the lovely lady there. I feel so blessed when I just click with someone and have the loveliest conversations with strangers. 45 minutes later and we was on route back to The Howbeck. Now time for rest rest rest before this evening. The evening approached quickly and we were ready to head out for a lovely birthday meal which we booked the night before in a Thai restaurant called ‘Siam’. What a beautiful place filled with so much love and kind people. My heart was so full that evening. My partner and I had some amazing food and some prosseco and it was just the loveliest evening. I was fully in the moment and we just ate, drank and chatted about so many inspiring things. The night was almost over when we headed home in the -5 degrees wind and light rain. It was absolutely freezing to say the least. Whenever I think it is cold in Plymouth now, I just think back to that night because that was honestly the coldest. When we came back to Plymouth it was 8-9 degrees. Like what was this? nothing compared!

And well that is a wrap of everything we got up to in Windermere. Like I said, it was a short little break away but a very needed one and despite one incident it was so lovely and we both really enjoyed it. It was such a good choice of area of the UK where we visited and just the perfect length of time. Lets just say, I am missing that personal hot tub a little but I am definitely not missing cleaning up the vast amount of bubbles lol!

I hoped you enjoyed reading and perhaps plan to visit the Lake District!

All my love, R x