My hopes for 2020

New years intentions can always be overwhelming, hard to grasp and really hard to get started on them. I’m not going to lie, everyone loves a new goal but it can be really hard to know where to start as well as stick to it. Don’t get me wrong, I have fallen through that trap many times before but this year for once and for all, I am making a very conscious effort of really achieving what I really hope to.

This years hopes and dreams are slightly similar and in some ways different to last year. With it being such a tough few months before Christmas and a heading into the new year as well as still to this day, my biggest goal to really continue to work on myself and through some tough topics. I am really going to be focusing on mental health, physical health and general well being. I know I am very late to be sharing this but hey you know, I set no time limit and I am not putting too much pressure on myself whilst still having these goals. And as they say, “better late than never”. But just because you start a goal a bit later than others, that doesn’t mean you are any less committed or passionate about it. It just means you needed a little extra time and that’s okay. Also just because you think its too late to start a goal, that doesn’t mean it is. You can start any goal any day. There is no time limit.

Another thing I am really trying to do as well, is make sure my goals are actually sustainable and achievable. Because if not,what is the point? You’ll just be wasting time, making yourself more distressed and unwell and feeling a lot worse for it, trust me. So below are a few things I am working on this year.

1. Be kinder to myself and listen to my body more. Especially gut feelings.

This is something I have definitely struggled with for sure. Low self- esteem has be in my life since I was a kid and the past few years have been a constant roller coaster of trying to improve it whilst managing those ups and downs with it. I have always also been so hesitant with gut feelings too, but realistically, your gut feelings and instincts always know best. I will definitely be trying to be more in tune with my body and feelings as well as working on being a lot on being kinder to myself in various ways.

2. Better myself in many ways. I want this year to focus on my mental health, personal development and my physical health.

Following on from the last one, this is a big goal for me this year. Although it is a constant goal I need to work on, I feel like this year, I really need to spend some extra time on it to get back to where I was and where I hope to be. I am learning to put my mental health first and look after myself more because I am just as important as everyone else too. In some way I need to put myself first in some aspects because although others matter too, you need to be able to know when you have to look after yourself, as well as when putting too much of your time and energy in others. You are still responsible for ‘you’ and need to be selfish in a selfless way to look after your own mental health and well being too.

3. Start on a very exciting project. (maybe two, who knows)

I’ll keep this bit short and sweet but let’s just say I am very excited to be working on two fairly big (for me) projects. I am still in the process of researching, planning and experimenting at the moment, but as the months go on and it is more set organised, I shall share more details with you all. So keep your eyes peeled!

4. Start doing more of what I love. Such as living a more active lifestyle, more yoga & meditation. Go to classes, being sociable and attending blogger events.

Living a life I love is what I am here for. After years living such an unsatisfied and unhappy life, I have bounced back, blossomed and now trying my hardest to live my best yet happiest life. I have always been so passionate about living an active lifestyle but previously, I wasn’t even sure where to start and I really needed to get some knowledge behind me, experiment and work out what was best for me. From doing that over the past few years, I now have such a good indication of what I really want out of life, how I want to live my life, what is best for me and genuinely what an active lifestyle is for me and taking the steps to achieve that. Of course it is an ongoing journey and to be honest, I am very much here for that.

5. Save save save!

I say this to myself a lot. However, it is something I am still trying to grasp. I don’t know why I keep making it difficult for myself but I guess it is all a learning curve of being an adult, student and having a lot of passions. Oh and of course the ultimate shop here and there. I am already starting to budget better but that’s more for necessities and not for my savings. My next step is to make a plan to really think before I shop (don’t get me wrong, I have definitely improved that a lot but I want to go the extra mile), as well as setting a set amount to save each week/month. I shall keep you updated in a while and hopefully share some tips.

6. I would love to do a few brand collaborations.

After deleting my main Instagram account and making a smaller brand new one, I didn’t think brands would contact me for quite a while until a) I had more content and b) until I had a bigger following. But that really hasn’t been the case. I have recently/ and still doing a few collaborations with some amazing brands. It is always quality over quantity. Remember that.

7. Continue being motivated at uni and write more for Taylor Magazine, be kind magazine and my blog.

Since writing this I have had a dip in my mental health. so I did take some time off uni and my usual activities but that has ensured me to get back on top of things and come back to feel pretty motivated. It’s currently half term from uni so a lot of research, browsing modules and planning is commencing. In terms of writing for the two magazines, that is going really well but my big goal is to keep it consistent, keep producing quality work and push myself to aim higher.

So that concludes my main hopes and goals that I will be focusing on in 2020. A lot of personal development, creative goals and generally getting sh*t together!

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