Ways to engage in gratitude

Taking part in gratitude is becoming more and more popular (or shall I say more profound) just like yoga, fidget spinners and brunch pants. It is a key part of our life to stay fulfilled, happy and satisfied.

Encountering a form of gratitude into your daily life will enable you to see how many great things there really are and the little things we take for granted. We take small everyday things for granted that we are so used to just being right on our door step or the things we just expect to be there. For instance, having a morning coffee catch up with your mum or a friend, support from people you care about or even fresh water from the tap. No matter how busy you are, there is always time to fit as little as 10 minutes of reflection into your daily schedule. There are many reasons why and how engaging in daily gratitude can benefit you. It can help you, mentally, physically, socially and emotionally which I shall discuss below before going into ways you can practice gratitude.

It can help you mentally by:

  • Boosting self-esteem
  • Increasing selflessness
  • Improving decision-making
  • Makes us more resilient

It can help you physically by:

  • Reducing symptoms of depression
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Improving sleep
  • Making us to be more physically active

It can help you socially by:

  • Improving and strengthening romantic, platonic and familial relationships
  • Increasing social support
  • Strengthening feelings of work fulfillment

It can help you emotionally by:

  • Increasing long-term happiness
  • Reducing feelings of envy
  • Increasing life-satisfaction
  • Making us feel more optimistic
  • Lowering instances of depression

So now I have listed how gratitude can hep you in four key areas, I think its best to go over how we can simply engage in little gratitude activities. 

  • At the start of each day writing down 3 things you are grateful for.
  • Simply saying thank you to someone. It could be someone who held the door open, passed you something or gave you a compliment. A simple ‘thank you’ goes a long way.
  • Reflecting at the end of each day what gas gone well and what you could possibly improve next time.
  • Think about what lessons can be taken away from tough or stressful situations.
  • When there is a bad situation, always think of a positive that came out of it.
  • Think of a positive thought when a negative thought comes into your head.
  • Take the time to walk in nature and look at all the things you miss when you are not in the present moment.
  • Make a gift or card for someone who may have helped you, are feeling under the weather or just sending a card for a nice gesture in general. A handmade gift is always more thoughtful and personal than a bought gift.
  • Don’t be too picky. Appreciate everything we have. It can be easier said than done, but once you start feeling grateful for the little things in life, we will be happy with everything we already have rather than the things we do not have. 
  • Practice mindfulness.  There are many types of mindfulness you can engage in such as, yoga, meditation, body scan, breath work, a walk in nature or just being in the present moment.
  • Improve your happiness in areas of your life. This could be socially, mentally, financially. This will then help you to feel more satisfied, engaged with your life and focus more on gratitude towards the little things.

What are three things you are grateful for today?

*Watch gifted from MVMT* | Photo by Alan Lockhart

One thought on “Ways to engage in gratitude

  1. It is amazing just how profound the effect of practicing gratitude can be, for me it is just simple things like being grateful for having the time to take the dog for a walk before work and seeing some beautiful tiny fungi that I could so easily have missed but I didn’t and it was a joy to take that moment to notice and wonder and to notice a parent kookaburra feeding a young bird in the tree as we were walking. It is really simple little things like that, taking the time to notice and acknowledge those things have impacted greatly on how I feel during the day.

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