3 Series I've Been Loving Recently

You can never go wrong with a good binge worthy series on Netflix to chill out to and watch after a long day or over the weekend, am I wrong?

I have been making sure I am busy during the weekdays to get all my important errands and to-dos done so that on the weekend, I can spend that time to do whatever I like. Sometimes for me that is catching up with friends, doing a home declutter session, reading my current book or catching up on a good TV series on Netflix. Recently, I have been watching a bit more TV and film due to a) it being such a calm space for me whilst winding down and struggling with life in general at the moment and b) I have added TV shows here and there and I noticed how it was building up and I still hadn’t got round to watching any of them. So whether I have a free hour or a few afternoon, I began to wind down with an episode and a cuppa for a slow evening. Below are three of my favourite series I have been loving recently!


This show is a coming-of-age series which focuses on the life of 18-year old Sam who lives with an autism disorder. Sam starts his adventure into exploring the world of dating girls where he decides it’s time to find a girlfriend. Sam grows and wants to be more independent however, his parents struggle with this transition as they have always been his main source of support and his guardian. This show is full of all kinds of funny, humorous and light-hearted topics as well as it being so informative of Asperger’s syndrome.

This series has 3 seasons which will eventually renew for a 5th season over the next few years.

The Stranger

I recently watched this show this past weekend and I was so hooked that I finished it within two days.

The Stranger is a physiological thriller that recently aired on Netflix and has already been given the top 10 in the UK. This season tells the story of Adam Price whose family life goes up in the air all of a sudden due to a secret being revealed from an unknown woman. This show is highly addictive and an absolute must-watch show!

This series currently has one season and it is unsure whether another series will be filmed just yet.


Another highly gripping and seriously addictive series!

‘YOU’, is based on the best-selling novel by Caroline Kepnes. YOU is based on a 21st century love story that asks, “What would you do for love?”. When Joe who is a bookstore manager comes across Beck, an aspiring writer his answer becomes exceptionally clear. Anything. He would do anything for love. Joe Goldberg uses his expertise on technology and the internet to use his skills to gather the most intimate details of Beck to get close to her. He uses this awkwardly cute charm that soon turns a little crush into a big unhealthy obsession. He starts to eliminate every tiny obstruction and hurdle in his way.

There are currently two seasons of ‘you’, with more to come.

So there we have it, my three favourite series on Netflix that I have been seriously hooked on the past few months.

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