Books I Have Read In The First 4 Months of 2020…

I don’t know about you but I love a good book to get stuck into. Something gripping, interesting and a book that I just can’t put down or that I look forward to reading each day. Now also seems like the perfect time to get reading even more! I have always been a ‘book worm’ kind of girl since I was a kid. I used to read a book in a day and head to library early the next morning to pick something new up whilst gaining stamps on my reading racer, as they called it in my primary school.

I encouraged myself to read more because it is something I truly love to do as well as my escapism place. I have been making time each day and throughout the day to read and even if I have 10 minutes whilst waiting for an appointment, I’d get out my book and read a few pages. So now I have been sticking to that routine and of course with the lock-down situation, I have more time than ever to read. Below I am sharing the books I have read in the first 3 months of 2020.

Girlboss – Sophia Amoruso

I had this book for such a long time just sat on my book shelf and after realised I still hadn’t read it, it was time for it to be my next book. Also after discovering that there was a new series all about #girlboss on Netflix I gave that a watch too and it was truly brilliant. This boom was such an easy read and flowed so well. I lovely how honest, relate-able and interesting it was. It gave me many tips to become my own kind of #girlboss but also an insight into what makes a ‘girl boss’. If you are wanting to become more of a boss, change your life and become more independent in following your dreams, then this is the book for you. Oh and if you haven’t already watched the show on Netflix about, I highly recommend you do.

Notes on a nervous planet – Matt Haig

I first heard of the author, Matt Haig, when I read his first book ‘reasons to stay alive’ whilst at the peak of for poor mental my mental health and depression. I absolutely loved this first book and it honestly touched me so much. I read it with a few days as it was so admirable and really hit home for me. Then for my last birthday I received his second book ‘notes on a nervous planet’ talking all about anxiety, which was something I have always struggled with too. This book was again so easy to follow and I read it within a few days. I love how openly he spoke about his struggles in the form to help others who are struggling too. The way he described things hit home and and some of the topics about anxiety within the modern world really made me think about it and realise certain aspects of life and anxiety. I recommend this book if you are struggling with anxiety/ or have in past struggled with it. It is such an eye opening and honest book that for sure will help many people.

How to have a beautiful mind – Edward de Bono

Although this book was rather interesting and informative, I found it to be quite a slow read and I often found myself reading it but not really taking some of it in. It was written very formally and just *for me* not as flowing as I like a book to me. But all in all, there were many interesting points throughout the book that I will take away and remember for future reference but I probably wouldn’t read this book again.

November 9 – Colleen Hoover

I don’t even have any words… I absolutely loved this book. It was so gripping, exciting, romantic and truly heart warming. Again I read this book in just under a read and I found myself not being able to put it down. The story and plot line behind it was so beautifully and modestly written. Then with the biggest pot twist it changed everything, but in a sense of excitement and contentment. This book shows the honesty, excitement, lust and modesty of first true love and what you would do to be with someone you truly love no matter what they have done. I have recently been getting back into fiction- romance books and this was highly recommend by a fellow Instagram follow and I am so glad I picked this one up. If you haven’t read a romance novel in a while… this is the ONE. You will not be disappointing.

Lagom – Linnea Dunne

A love to read a non-fiction book along side a fiction book and this is the one I recently read. It looked cute on my shelf but it was also so interesting and informative and definitely worth reading. Lagom shares all the honesty, tips and ways of living a Scandinavian life from; living, food, lifestyle, dress code, environment and mentality. I have always loved the Scandinavian lifestyle and aspects of their culture but I didn’t know as much as I would’ve like to know about it. When I gave this book a read, it really helped me discover more and really dive into their ways of living and it was so wonderfully inspiring. If you interested in the Scandinavian lifestyle, then why not put this book on your next ‘to read list’. There are also many inspiring books like Lagom from the Swedish culture as well as the Japanese culture talking about similar topics and how to simplify your life.

Blossom in Winter – Melanie Martins

I was kindly gifted a copy of Melanie’s book when it was first published as an Ebook. It took me a while to start it as I was reading other books at the time, but when I did start the book.. I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! It was such an amazing thrilling and griping book all about romance, lust, big decisions and heartbreak. I read this book within a matter of time and it was such a good escapism for me every day which I loved. The basic synopsis here we go.. Petra is 18 years old when she falls in love with someone (who she shouldn’t) who’s more than twice her age and they become inseparable. She will do anything for them to be together, as himself too. They end up caught in a dangerous and twisted obsession which is they just can’t escape. So many plot twists, heartbreaking moments but also a lot of lustful situations. Such an amazing book and you will not regret it! Just a warning.. this book is not for young people. But other than that I highly recommend. And book number 2 is in production! *yas*

Well there we have it, my recent reads that I have have many sparked something in you to read them or something similar. Until my next bookish blog post, happy reading whatever that may be.

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